Ask Us Anything: "What are the primary factors between running a persistent and non-persistent desktop?"

Posted by Greg Duescher on Mar 5, 2015

Sometimes during our VDI customer webinars attendees ask technical questions best answered by one of our brilliant solutions architects (SAs). When this happens, we pass the question on to the SAs and post their response.

Unidesk Solutions Architect Greg Deuscher responds to a question about running Persistent vs. Non-Persistent desktops in VDI.


Response Transcript

I'm Greg Duescher, Solution Architect at Unidesk.

During one of our recent webinars it was asked, what are the primary factors to determine between running a persistent and a non-persistent desktop? And this typically comes down to the job function the user has.

Non-persistent desktops are great for task workers such as help desk, kiosk, nursing station, or call centers where you don't want the users making modifications to the desktop. Or in a situation where you have more users than desktops, such as a computer lab in a college or school.

Knowledge workers like executives, IT staff, and managers are typically best served by persistent desktops where they can make changes or install plug-ins and add-ons for ease of use or to be more effective at their job.

With Unidesk, our layering technology allows you to create these full, persistent desktops and still have the storage savings and ease of updating that you typically only get with non-persistent desktops.

Thanks. See you guys in the next video.

Posted by Greg Duescher on Mar 5, 2015

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