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Unidesk Now Supports Citrix XenServer

Posted by Andrea Abernathy on Oct 27, 2016

Ever since Unidesk won a Best of Citrix Synergy award for bringing industry-leading application and image management innovations to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, many Citrix customers have been asking when we'll support XenServer. While many are already deploying Unidesk with Citrix's desktop virtualization and application publishing solutions on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere, a big part of the market uses XenServer as their primary hypervisor.

The wait is over. We're happy to announce that Unidesk now fully supports XenServer! Here is what "full support" means.

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Unidesk 4.0 for XenApp Tech Preview is Here!

Posted by Andrea Abernathy on Mar 31, 2016

We are very excited to announce that Unidesk 4.0 Tech Preview is now available for download! It has been eagerly awaited ever since we announced the new release at Citrix Summit.

In this Tech Preview, you will get a chance to test Unidesk 4.0 with support for Citrix XenApp and integration with Citrix Provisioning Server (PVS).

The new release will support all hypervisors, end user computing platforms, and clouds, but we're starting with Citrix XenApp to bring a new level of efficiency and simplicity to the management of large XenApp environments.

You will now be able to provision all XenApp servers from a single instance of Windows Server and a single instance of any app that only need to be managed once. No matter how many PVS vDisks, silos, delivery groups, and servers you have, patches and updates will only have to be made a single time to your Unidesk app and OS layers. Unidesk and PVS will take care of the rest!

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Hyper-V Deduplication & VDI: Save on Storage, Cut Desktop Costs in Half

Posted by Andrea Abernathy on Aug 18, 2015

Microsoft VDI on Hyper-V is half the cost of VMware, making virtual desktops even cheaper than PC refresh. But many still think Hyper-V still lags behind VMware technically. As the EBook, 6 Reasons Why VDI with Hyper-V and RDS is Poised for Takeoff explains, that's no longer the case. My recent blog comparing Hyper-V dynamic memory and VMware memory overcommitment is an example of how, when it comes to VDI workloads, Hyper-V may actually be surpassing VMware.

Here's another data point. Hyper-V now offers built-in data deduplication that radically reduces space requirements for both non-persistent AND persistent virtual desktop use cases - something you used to have to pay big bucks to get. This blog takes a closer look.

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Hyper-V Dynamic Memory vs. VMware Memory Overcommitment - Another Reason to Use Microsoft for VDI

Posted by Andrea Abernathy on Aug 11, 2015

Our Ebook 6 Reasons Why VDI with Hyper-V and RDS is Ready for Takeoff is being downloaded a lot. It's clear that a lot of IT pros are looking for ways to avoid the so-called VMware tax and stretch their IT budgets farther by leveraging the lower cost of Microsoft VDI.

Here's another technical reason to consider Hyper-V over vSphere for hosting virtual desktops: with the enhanced Dynamic Memory improvements for Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012, you can attain higher VM consolidation numbers and improved reliability for restart operations. This can lead to lower costs, especially in pooled VDI environments that have idle or low-load virtual machines.

To understand why you can achieve greater VM density on Hyper-V than vSphere, you need to understand how VMware's Memory Overcommitment and Microsoft's Dynamic Memory technologies work. Let's compare the two.

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Unidesk 3.3: Support For Microsoft Azure Is Here!

Posted by Andrea Abernathy on Jul 31, 2015

Our latest release continues to make Unidesk the premier platform for managing Windows desktops and applications in any cloud – and as we announced at Microsoft Ignite and more recently at Citrix Synergy, we’re not just for private clouds anymore!  Unidesk 3.3 enables you to provision virtual machine session hosts for Citrix XenApp or Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) in Microsoft Azure, and easily configure the hosts with any application. Our industry-leading layering technology enables you to deliver apps and Windows patches to an entire hosted RDSH or XenApp farm with a single install. Using Microsoft’s cloud platform to provide on-demand delivery of any Windows application has never been easier! 

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