The No BS, Vendor Neutral Comparison of Application Layering Vendors

Posted by Meghan Simmons on Sep 29, 2016

With Citrix and VMware validating the market for application layering with their own solutions (AppDisk and App Volumes, respectively) and Unidesk sweeping this year's Best of Citrix Synergy and Best of VMworld awards, it's clear that layering is the future of application packaging and lifecycle management, displacing legacy application virtualization and agent-based PC management (MSI) technologies. But are all app layering solutions created equal?

End User Computing expert Ron Oglesby presented a "No BS, Vendor Neutral" comparison of Citrix AppDisk, FSLogix, Liquidware Labs FlexApp, Unidesk, and VMware App Volumes at the last BriForum. It received such high marks that he presented the content again in a recent webinar that drew over 440 people. If you're evaluating application layering for your VDI, Citrix XenApp/RDSH, or cloud workspaces and you missed the first two presentations, here's your chance to watch the replay.

About This Layering Session

There is some confusion in the market about what app layering can and cannot do, when it should be used, and what the differences are between the various offerings. In an attempt to provide clarity, Ron Oglesby worked with experts in each of the products, speaking directy with consultants, founders, CTOs, and product managers to develop a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about this transformational application management technology.

Listen to the on-demand session to:

  • Understand the basics of application layering, conflict resolution, and disk attachment models, and how they impact your infrastructure
  • Learn about the various application layering models and architectures used by the major vendors
  • Navigate the challenges of using layers in cloud environments and how layering will have to adapt to be used in the cloud

Want to save the slide deck to view later? Find the slides here.

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Posted by Meghan Simmons on Sep 29, 2016

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