"Confessions of a Former VM Hater" by Unidesk and VMware Horizon View customer Amdocs

Posted by Amy Larson on May 19, 2015

amdocs-confessions-of-a-former-vm-haterOne of the things that always sets Unidesk apart from other vendors at trade shows is our customers. They are so passionate about our software that they willingly help staff our booth. They talk to other prospective customers about our technology. And they give awesome presentations in our mini-theater!

Our week at Microsoft Ignite was no exception. Here is a video of the presentation by Henrik Frank, VDI technical lead at Amdocs, the market leader in software and services for service providers in the communications, media and entertainment industry.

Amdocs is using Unidesk with VMware Horizon View. Henrik called his presentation "Confessions of a Former VM Hater" because when he was first put in charge of VDI, it was too hard to manage. So hard that he started to hate his VMs! But as you'll see from his short presentation, once he found Unidesk, he became a VM lover!

Topics: Customers, VMware Horizon View

Posted by Amy Larson on May 19, 2015

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