Global Law Firm Reveals the Secrets to Award-Winning VDI

Posted by TJ Racherla on May 5, 2016

jenner-block_email-hd.pngIn IT, you usually only hear from end users when something is slow or broken. But global law firm Jenner and Block implemented an award-winning virtual desktop infrastructure that is working so well, the firm's attorneys are contacting IT from as far away as Switzerland and India to tell them how happy they are with the experience.

What's the secret to their VDI success?

The latest episode of our 2016 Unidesk Customer Success webinar series featured Jenner and Block CIO Amol Bargaje and other key members of his "VDI Dream Team" sharing their successful journey to 1,400 virtual desktops, with 150+ applications virtualized and managed by Unidesk, and high-performance I/O provided by Pure Storage.

Their well-rounded, content-rich presentation and natural dynamic as a team made for an entertaining and highly interactive webinar. The audience hit them with a ton of questions, and they answered all of them!

Here's a look at Jenner and Block's VDI Dream Team:

Amol Bargaje Amol Bargaje
Chief Information Officer
Jenner & Block
Andy Bradford Andy Bradford
Desktop Engineer
Jenner & Block
Chad Rissman Chad Rissman
Manager of Applications
Jenner & Block
Mark Mast Mark Mast
Desktop Engineer
Jenner & Block
Anne Gallagher Anne Gallagher
Marketing Communications Manager
Jenner & Block
Brad Burnett Brad Burnett
Network Engineer
Jenner & Block


In case you missed it, tune into the on-demand replay below to hear how the project started, how it was sold internally, what technologies were implemented, and what innovative internal marketing strategies were used to ensure widespread, enthusiastic end user adoption! You’ll also hear all the live Q&A from the audience and see a live demo of their production environment at the end.

On-Demand Webinar: "The NextJen Experience"


Don't Have Time to Watch the Entire Presentation?

Skip to the sections that interest you most:

Section 1 The C-level viewpoint on building a business case for VDI - Amol Bargaje, Chief Information Officer
Section 2 Best-of-breed VDI solution with Unidesk, VMware Horizon, and Pure Storage - Brad Burnett, Network Engineer
Section 3 Jenner & Block's VDI environment and their journey - Chad Rissman, Manager of Applications
Section 4 The secret to selling VDI internally - Anne Gallagher, Marketing Manager
Section 5 Demo of Unidesk and Pure Storage - Mark Mast, Desktop Engineer
Section 6 Differences between traditional agent-based tools like SCCM and Unidesk layering technology - Mark Mast, Desktop Engineer
Section 7 Advantages of Unidesk App Layering - Mark Mast, Desktop Engineer


For more information and examples of how Unidesk is being used to transform application management in law firms, check out our new Unidesk application management solution for Law Firms web page. Or ask us your questions by commenting on this blog!

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Posted by TJ Racherla on May 5, 2016

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