VMworld Perspectives: Global Service Provider Simplifies App and Image Management with Unidesk

Posted by Meghan Simmons on Oct 6, 2016

We're excited to share another customer testimonial from our award-winning week at VMworld 2016. Henrik Frank, Lead Virtualization Architect at global service provider Amdocs, sat down with us to discuss his company's VDI deployment and how Unidesk has changed the way IT and end users feel about their virtual desktops.

Before Unidesk, IT was frustrated by inflexible application management and "Patch Tuesdays" that often became "Patch Weekends." End users were frustrated with the slow pace of software updates, the lack of personalization, and downtime caused by problematic patches. After Unidesk, IT has reduced app delivery times from weeks or months to days. Personalization is maintained even after major desktop configuration changes. And problematic patches are rolled back in minutes.

Hear Henrik explain how Unidesk has helped create virtual desktops that both IT and end users love.

To learn more about Amdocs' successful Unidesk and VMware Horizon View deployment, read the full Amdocs case study. Then check out these other VMworld 2016 Perspectives videos:

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Posted by Meghan Simmons on Oct 6, 2016

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