Healthcare Customers Talk VDI Success with Imprivata & Unidesk at HIMSS

Posted by Amy Larson on Apr 23, 2015

Last week at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Chicago, North Bend Medical Center (NBMC) and Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) presented in the Unidesk booth how they have collectively deployed over 1,000 virtual desktops. Both customers are streamlining access to clinical applications so doctors can spend more time caring for patients, while making virtual desktop and app management so simple that 1 administrator with help from service desk staff can manage the entire environment! The keys to their success? Imprivata and Unidesk!

HIMSS-PRMC-Ryan-theater-Apr-2015Ryan Ogburn, Senior System Administrator at PRMC, told a story we hear a lot - they spent 3 years trying to make VDI work, but excessive deployment and management complexity for IT and an unacceptable user experience for doctors kept the project from moving forward.

Ryan explained to the audience, "We decided to go back to the drawing board. VDI technology had been advancing during the 3 years we had been piloting, so we knew there had to be a way to make it work for everyone."

Today, PRMC is over 600 virtual desktops and counting. After starting with the initial pilot group of 100 doctors, the medical center has moved many of its clinical departments including ER, ICU, and Pre-Natal. Non-clinical use cases such as Health Information Management (HIM) Coders, Training Rooms, and Applicant HR Devices have also been converted to virtual.

Says Ryan, "Fnding an easier way to implement and administer VDI was the first priority. We heard about Unidesk from another healthcare facility. We decided to bring it in and once we did, it made deployment and management so much easier. Instead of having to use 6 different tools for desktop provisioning, app delivery, Windows patching, storage optimization, and other management tasks, Unidesk gave us one simple interface that could do everything, and do it better."

Applications and the Windows 7 operating system are packaged once as Unidesk layers and delivered to all PRMC desktops without any need for re-installation. The McKesson Horizon EMR suite is virtualized as one layer, while most of the other applications are delivered in their own separate layers. Windows and application updates are applied only once to each layer to update all desktops. With Unidesk, PRMC's virtual desktops are easier to manage than the remaining physical PCs!

Remote access through VMware Horizon View and streamlined authentication through Imprivata SSO addressed the user experience issues. Doctors and nurses can access their virtual desktops through any of the Dell Wyse and Samsung thin clients in the medical center, or through BYOD devices such as smartphones and tablets. Ryan says, "I like it when clinicians are walking down the hall and they ask when their desktops are going to be migrated. That's the best sign that VDI is succeeding."

For more of the details behind PRMC's implementation, including how Nutanix has simplified infrastructure and solved the storage challenge, read the full case study here.

Big thanks to Ryan from PRMC and to Joshua Rabe and Doug McLeod from North Bend Medical Center for spending time in our booth, sharing their desktop virtualization experiences with their healthcare IT peers, and making our first time exhibiting at HIMSS so memorable. Stay tuned for NBMC's success story next!

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Posted by Amy Larson on Apr 23, 2015

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