[VIDEO] How Unidesk Application Layers are Deployed

Posted by Thomas Willingham on Jul 12, 2016

Unidesk recently won the Best of Citrix Synergy 2016 Award for New Technology for innovations in application layering. How Unidesk Layers are Deployed= You may have read about two of the innovations - delivering unique apps in real-time to XenApp sessions and enabling apps to be packaged once for delivery on-prem or to the cloud - that led to this award.

A new 2-part video has just been released revealing more about these innovations. Part 1 is a technical overview. Part 2 is a live demo. If you want to know more about how Unidesk transforms app packaging and lifecycle management for all types of digital workspaces, including session-based computing and VDI, either on-premises or in the cloud, check them out here!

Part 1: Tech Talk on Unidesk Layering

There are two types of deployment methods for Unidesk layers:

  • Layered Images™: Layered Images work before a machine boots, merging selected layers together to form a standard disk image that can be delivered through existing provisioning technologies such as Citrix Provisioning Services, VMware View Composer or Azure. You can generate as many of these “Layered Images” as you want, but you only patch the Windows OS layer and app layers once. Unidesk will update the Layered Images and push them out again through the provisioning solutions.
  • Elastic Layers™: Elastic Layering attaches virtual disks at login using in-guest virtual disk (VHD) mounts. This is ideal for departmental and one-off apps that are only used by smaller numbers of users. Unidesk looks up the apps that a user is entitled to based on AD user and group membership and attaches just the virtual disks needed by that user.

These 2 types of layering are the reason for our unequalled 99%+ app compatibility, and help reduce login times by minimizing the number of virtual disks that need to be “hot-added” at login. Both types of layering can work across hypervisors including Hyper-V and VMware VSphere, across provisioning systems including VMware View Composer and Citrix PVS, and across clouds including Azure.

Watch Unidesk Chief Solution Architect Ron Oglesby walk you through a technical overview of these two layering methods and the Unidesk architecture.

Part 1: Unidesk Tech Talk

Part 2: Unidesk Product Demo

Now for the real thing. Watch Ron demo Unidesk's application lifecycle management capabilities across different desktop virtualization environments in Part 2: Unidesk Product Demo

Part 2: Unidesk Product Demo

As Ron says – this is how application packaging and lifecycle management should be. What do you think of our latest innovations? Write a comment to let us know!

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Posted by Thomas Willingham on Jul 12, 2016

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