Auto Dealer Implements 2,000 Desktop Hybrid Cloud for VDI on Hyper-V & vSphere

Posted by Tom Rose on Oct 26, 2015

When you hear hybrid cloud, you probably think of dividing up workloads across on-premises infrastructure and one or more public clouds. This week, one of our customers will share how they've built an internal hybrid cloud to deliver 2,000 virtual desktops to their employees.

leith dealershipLeith Automotive Group, one of the largest auto dealers in North Carolina, will explain in a live webinar how they deployed their first 800 desktops on VMware vSphere with Unidesk and VMware Horizon, and why they're rolling out the remaining 1,200 desktops on Hyper-V with Unidesk and Microsoft VDI.

The Common Denominators: EMC XtremIO and Unidesk

Even though Leith is using 2 different virtualization platforms (Hyper-V and vSphere) and 2 different connectivity solutions (Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and VMware Horizon), both VDI deployments have 2 technologies in common:EMC XtremeIO

  • EMC XtremIO all-flash arrays for high-performance storage.
  • Unidesk layering software for application and image management.

Unidesk's openness should not come as a surprise. We're known for our many customer successes with VMware Horizon. We're also known for being Microsoft's image management partner for scaling Microsoft VDI on Hyper-V and making it easy to move Windows apps to the cloud with Azure RemoteApp and Azure IaaS.

However, you may be raising an eyebrow at Leith's use of EMC XtremIO for both environments. With many questioning whether Dell's acquisition of EMC, the parent company of VMware, will create more lock-in to the VMware platform, this is an example of where EMC's all-flash array is running just as well on Hyper-V as it is on vSphere.

Spoiler Alert!

Ok, if you simply cannot wait for the webinar to get more details, you can learn more about Leith's hybrid VDI cloud in this case study.

But the webinar is sure to reveal a lot more since you'll hear directly from David Prince, Director of IT at Leith Automotive, as he offers full-color commentary and answers live audience questions.

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Posted by Tom Rose on Oct 26, 2015

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