If Analyst Predictions are Correct for the Digital Workplace, You’re Gonna Need Unidesk!

Posted by Thomas Willingham on Aug 3, 2016

When it comes to Digital Workspaces, analysts are discussing a few key findings:

  • Desktop virtualization will be vital in helping organizations migrate to a digital workplace.
  • The on-premises deployment of desktop virtualization technologies is likely to increase through 2020.
  • Organizations are shifting the burden of maintaining significant desktop virtualization hardware and software infrastructure from on-premises deployments to the cloud.

Gartner: Desktop Virtualization Will Power the Digital Workplace, Published: 13 October 2015
Analyst(s): Nathan Hill, Michael A. Silver, Federica Troni

Speaking to an analyst the other day, he reinforced that ease of management, security and path to the cloud are issues that are top of mind for IT Pros when planning digital workplaces. If those are the most important topics for the digital workplace, and desktop virtualization is vital to helping organizations get there, then a solution that can address each of those issues while facilitating the move to desktop virtualization is going to be needed. Unidesk has your back!

Path to the cloud

In my post Your Hypervisor & Cloud Mobility Strategy Just Got Easier with Unidesk Platform Layers, I outline how Unidesk’s Platform Layer enables a seamless migration from applications delivered on-premises to the cloud. The Platform Layer can be the solution for an enterprise’s cloud migration strategy for their desktop virtualization deployment.


App and desktop virtualization is inherently more secure with the centralization of data and resources. Data and resources are centrally managed and then delivered on demand to any device as needed, while providing an experience similar to working locally on a PC. If the device is lost or compromised, the data and resources are still secure in the central location. Security is built into the desktop virtualization solution.

Ease of Management

Ensuring users have access to a digital workplace that includes the applications unique to them can be a costly and complex challenge. Previously IT Pros had one of two options to create these personalized workplaces:

  1. Create images for each user or group of users with their unique applications built-in. This leads to image sprawl. To update OSs and applications, multiple images must be managed, increasing cost and complexity and leading to stalled or failed deployments.
  2. Create a huge image that includes all applications needed. This method can cause licensing issues and image bloat, which is also costly to manage. Also, some users may now have access to applications that they should not have access to.

Unidesk resolves image sprawl and bloat by enabling the OS and applications to be packaged a single time for any desktop virtualization platform - on-premises or in the cloud - creating a more simplified environment that is much easier to manage.

Are you investigating Digital Workspaces, or are you thinking about any of these issues? If so, you need to evaluate Unidesk.

What do you think of these analyst predictions? Write a comment to let us know!

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Posted by Thomas Willingham on Aug 3, 2016

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