MVPDays: Meeting IT's Needs for Simple, Flexible, Low Cost App Delivery

Posted by Tom Rose on Sep 30, 2015

MVP Days logoI spent last week in Canada, where I met with hundreds of IT pros at the Microsoft MVP Days Community Roadshow. At our stops in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton, we heard the same IT challenges repeated:

  • "Our IT project list is constantly expanding."
  • "They expect us to do more but they don't give us more budget."
  • "There aren't enough of us in IT to get everything we want done."
  • "We need tools that simplify our work and make us more efficient."
  • "I wish I could offload basic management tasks to less experienced admins."

Unidesk was a big hit on the roadshow because our layering innovation offers relief from these challenges when it comes to the delivery of Windows desktops and applications:

  • One technology.
  • Easy enough to use by anyone in IT.
  • Compatible with any Windows app.
  • Supports any virtualization or cloud platform.
  • Lowest-cost way to implement VDI.

In the past few weeks, the Unidesk advantage has been on full display:

These tweets from Citrix CTPs, Microsoft MVPs, and VMware vExperts underscore why Unidesk is helping IT get to a happier place:

I'll also share what Microsoft Application Virtualization MVP Kevin Kaminski told the audience during our "VDI Cheaper than PCs" breakout session. Said Kevin, "For a long time I believed you should try to virtualize every app. But most customers have only gotten to 70% virtualized with this strategy, at best. There's only a few apps that really need isolation, and for most apps isolation is not desired. Unidesk layering gives you all of the containerization benefits of app virtualization without the isolation, and it works for all apps. Plus it's so easy, anyone can be an expert packager."

As I reflect on my time with Kevin and the other Microsoft MVPs (and given it is Windows desktops and apps we are talking about), it is easy to see that Microsoft will play a critical role in any application delivery strategy - especially with all of the buzz around Azure RemoteApp, Microsoft VDI, and Enterprise Mobility Suite. Then there is that huge installed base of Citrix XenApp customers. And of course, the customers who are looking at VMware Horizon because of their success with VMware vSphere.

Each vendor has strengths. The good news is that with Unidesk layers, you're free to choose any of them. Or more than one. Or switch at a later date.

I'm looking forward to next year's roadshow and talking to the same IT pros. Hopefully, I'll hear them say the same things about Unidesk that you've read above.

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Posted by Tom Rose on Sep 30, 2015

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