Sunrise Health Shares Their Secret to VDI Success

Posted by Meghan Simmons on Aug 1, 2016

Our recent webinar featuring Sunrise Health's Director of IT, Sheranga Jayasinghe, focused on how they have improved patient experience with their simple VDI solution. Sheranga filled the audience in on how he has successfully implemented VDI for 4,000 employees and dramatically reduced patient wait times. For Sunrise Health, Unidesk is one of the key components in improving end user satisfaction and reducing wait time for patients.

Sheranga and his team were challenged by their Chief Medical Officer to come up with a solution that works; one that allows them to virtualize all of their applications, including their EMR. Before Unidesk, end users weren't happy and weren't easily able to use the clinical applications they had in place.


Want to know more? Watch the recently recorded, on-demand webinar to hear the whole story from Sunrise Health on how they easily, and successfully, implemented VDI.

Topics: VDI

Posted by Meghan Simmons on Aug 1, 2016

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