TechTarget: "Unidesk helps law firm weather VDI storms"

Posted by Tom Rose on Feb 11, 2015

tech-target-svdA Unidesk law firm customer is in the news as a result of their successful virtual desktop deployment. TechTarget SearchVirtualDesktop just published "Unidesk helps law firm weather VDI storms" explaining how technology from Unidesk, Cisco, and VMware is helping Bernstein Shur keep its attorneys and staff productive and serving clients - even when snow makes getting to the workplace impossible!

Maintaining Attorney and Staff Productivity

As the article explains, having consistent and continuous access to documents and materials is of great importance to a law firm. With Bernstein Shur's virtual desktop infrastructure, that isn't a problem, even when travel to the firm's three offices in Maine and New Hampshire is blocked by 3 feet of snow.

"Almost 100% of our attorneys were remotely connected, working and being productive as opposed to shoveling all day," said Matt Kramer, Bernstein Shur Director of Information Technology.

Being headquartered in New England ourselves and being hit by those same record snowstorms, it's great to see our local customers realize the same productivity benefits that Unidesk employees experience from using our own technology.

Weathering VDI Storms

VMware's acquisitions of Cloud Volumes (now App Volumes) and Immidio caused the reporter to ask Matt whether Unidesk is still needed in VMware Horizon deployments. The answer was yes. As Matt explained - and as the title of the story implies - physical storms aren't the only challenges that Unidesk helps customers overcome.

  • VDI Application Delivery "Storm." Unidesk is unique in its ability to deliver applications to many VMs from a single installation point as modular virtual disks, or "layers." Unidesk layered apps look and feel as if they are locally installed, and enjoy full interoperability even if delivered in separate layers. Bernstein Shur runs many specialized plugins for Microsoft Office, as well as LexisNexis InterAction, a CRM email archiving plugin. With Unidesk, Matt's IT team can layer each plug-in and app separately and update them as needed, without the artificial grouping constraints, layer limitations, and compatibility issues that would increase IT overhead. For additional perspectives, read what Gartner and other VDI users say about application layering and Unidesk.
  • VDI Complexity "Storm." Unidesk replaces the many different VMware Horizon tools and consoles that would otherwise require senior IT staff to patch Windows, deliver applications, provision desktops, optimize storage, offer persistent personalization, and perform desktop break/fix. VMware's addition of two more "bolt-on" tools - Immidio and App Volumes, to go with previous acquisitions Thinstall (now ThinApp), RTO Virtual Profiles (now View Persona), and Wanova (now Mirage) - only makes the VMware Horizon portfolio more complex. With "simplifying Windows management" and "reducing desktop OpEx" being the top drivers for desktop virtualization projects, Unidesk is needed more than ever. As Matt said, "It could become a helpdesk nightmare, but Unidesk gives us one pane of glass to manage everything."

Learn more about why VMware Horizon is better with Unidesk and why you should consider Unidesk as an App Volumes alternative.

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Posted by Tom Rose on Feb 11, 2015

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