Unidesk and App Volumes in the News

Posted by Thomas Willingham on Jul 7, 2016

Unidesk and VMware App Volumes continue to draw comparisons as the leading solutions for install-free application packaging and delivery using virtual disk "layers." Both were in the news again recently. TechTarget SearchVirtualDesktop's story "VMware App Volumes 3.0 confusion frustrates customers" includes commentary from customers of both products, and substantiates many of the technical differences explained in the blog "Comparing Unidesk and App Volumes."

While there are many differences between Unidesk and App Volumes, two stood out in the TechTarget story.

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Debunking 5 Myths About Application Layering

Posted by Matt Allen on Jun 3, 2016

I'm back in the office after a great week at Citrix Synergy where Unidesk won Best of Synergy in the New Technology category. As a Unidesk solution architect, I worked our booth giving demos, so I got to talk to a lot of the IT people who stopped by. It was interesting to hear what they're being told by other layering vendors now that this idea of delivering apps as virtual disk containers is going mainstream, and Citrix, VMware, and others are offering their own layering solutions.

Some of the perceptions about layering were accurate. Many weren't. Here are some of the things that the vendors are saying about layering in general that don't apply to Unidesk.

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Comparing Unidesk and VMware App Volumes

Posted by Greg Duescher on Mar 17, 2016

Now that VMware has announced App Volumes 3 and Unidesk has announced Unidesk 4, it's time for an updated comparison of the two application management solutions.

Unidesk's marketing people will say Unidesk is the original inventor of application layering, with the most customers, the most apps delivered, and the most mature technology. But App Volumes is about to release version 3 and has some good market traction now, too.

VMware's marketing people will say App Volumes pioneered real-time app delivery, with the ability to add apps at logon so that non-persistent VMs can be personalized on-demand. But Unidesk now has this ability in version 4, and is taking it a step further by providing hot-add for Citrix XenApp sessions.

I've now run both solutions in the lab, so I'm going to try to cut through the marketing FUD. Here's my take on what the technical differences are, why they matter, and what I'm hearing from the customers I talk to every day as a Unidesk solution architect.

By the end, you'll see why I think Unidesk is the right choice for customers who want maximum app compatibility, simplicity, open support for any platform, and an easy path to the cloud.

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Unidesk Support for Microsoft VDI and Hyper-V in the News

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Mar 17, 2015

The biggest news in end user computing last week was that Unidesk 3.0 is now available for Microsoft VDI and Hyper-V! TechTarget, InfoWorld, The Register, OnWindows, Channelnomics, Network World, CRNtv, Infotech Lead, Virtual Strategy Magazine and others ran stories on how Unidesk layering innovation brings simplicity and scalability to the Microsoft VDI platform. We summarize some of the news coverage aimed at IT in this blog. My next post will highlight some of the channel publication coverage.

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TechTarget: "Unidesk helps law firm weather VDI storms"

Posted by Tom Rose on Feb 11, 2015

A Unidesk law firm customer is in the news as a result of their successful virtual desktop deployment. TechTarget SearchVirtualDesktop just published "Unidesk helps law firm weather VDI storms" explaining how technology from Unidesk, Cisco, and VMware is helping Bernstein Shur keep its attorneys and staff productive and serving clients - even when snow makes getting to the workplace impossible!

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