The No BS, Vendor Neutral Comparison of Application Layering Vendors

Posted by Meghan Simmons on Sep 29, 2016

With Citrix and VMware validating the market for application layering with their own solutions (AppDisk and App Volumes, respectively) and Unidesk sweeping this year's Best of Citrix Synergy and Best of VMworld awards, it's clear that layering is the future of application packaging and lifecycle management, displacing legacy application virtualization and agent-based PC management (MSI) technologies. But are all app layering solutions created equal?

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Debunking 5 Myths About Application Layering

Posted by Matt Allen on Jun 3, 2016

I'm back in the office after a great week at Citrix Synergy where Unidesk won Best of Synergy in the New Technology category. As a Unidesk solution architect, I worked our booth giving demos, so I got to talk to a lot of the IT people who stopped by. It was interesting to hear what they're being told by other layering vendors now that this idea of delivering apps as virtual disk containers is going mainstream, and Citrix, VMware, and others are offering their own layering solutions.

Some of the perceptions about layering were accurate. Many weren't. Here are some of the things that the vendors are saying about layering in general that don't apply to Unidesk.

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Agent-Based Management Systems in XenApp/RDSH and VDI Environments: An Architect’s Thoughts

Posted by Ron Oglesby on Apr 27, 2016

I still hear a lot of talk and debate about using traditional PC management products (e.g. MS System Center Configuration Manager, BigFix, LANdesk) in virtualized environments.

Some Admins/Architects cannot understand why anyone would move away from these existing tools just because their desktops and apps are moving into a virtual world.

Others have the opposite reaction, and can’t believe there are shops "still using those old traditional tools" in their new virtual environments.

The reality is that there are reasons to keep agent-based management systems like SCCM in virtualized Citrix XenApp/RDSH and VDI environments, and reasons to dump them in favor of new technologies such as app layering that are designed for virtualized datacenters and the cloud. As you’ll see here, it really all depends (sorry, I was a consultant for too many years… everything depends).

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How to Apply Custom User Settings to Applications in VDI with Unidesk

Posted by Spencer Sun on Apr 18, 2016

Many applications create settings within a user’s profile to deliver a personalized experience for each user. These settings are typically registry keys that get stored in the HKey_CurrentUser hive, but they may also include settings stored in .INI, .CFG or .XML files within an AppData folder. Applications usually configure these settings during the installation process.

Of course, the installer can only modify the profile of the user actually doing the install. So how do you set these custom settings up for every user when using an install-once, deliver-many application management solution like Unidesk in VDI environments?

In this blog, I'll take you through 4 of the most common methods our customers are using and highlight the pros and cons of each.

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Giving Your Unidesk App Layers the Pretty Icons They Deserve

Posted by Greg Duescher on Feb 17, 2016

It has been almost 5 years since I first started working with Unidesk as System Administrator for the UW Oshkosh Housing Department. I can still remember the first time I showed my co-workers and supervisor the Unidesk Management Console and how easy it was to deliver apps to our virtual desktops. But despite how exciting I thought it was to assign apps to users without having to do repeated installs, they were just not “getting it.” Here's why they didn't share my enthusiasm, and what I did to help all Unidesk admins more clearly demonstrate the value of app layering.

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Setting the Stage for the Biggest News to Hit XenApp Since ... XenApp Itself

Posted by Tom Rose on Jan 10, 2016

Citrix XenApp is trusted infrastructure, used by thousands of enterprises and service providers to remotely deliver Windows apps to any endpoint device. Unidesk is making a major announcement at Citrix Summit in Las Vegas that will be the biggest thing to hit XenApp since it was first introduced as "Winframe" back in the late 1990s. Yes, that big!  To set the stage for our announcement and help you understand the incredible value that Unidesk will bring to Citrix customers, here's a quick look at the history of XenApp and the XenApp landscape today.

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Sandia National Labs’ VDI Deployment with Nutanix & Unidesk in GCN

Posted by TJ Racherla on Nov 4, 2015

Nutanix and Unidesk joint customer, Sandia National Laboratories recently made headlines as the subject of a case study by public sector IT publication, GCN. In the story, "Sandia’s VDI finds a good fit with hyper-converged infrastructure." Sandia's service manager, Nicole Ballard explains how their virtual desktop and application management solution from Unidesk and hyperconverged infrastructure solution from Nutanix have allowed IT to manage storage/compute and app delivery from a single console and concentrate on the desktop itself instead of the infrastructure.

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Lifecycle Management of Mission Critical Applications on XenApp or RDSH

Posted by Andrew Nadeau on Sep 28, 2015

One thing Unidesk is known for is our ability to layer any application and deliver it as a virtual disk container in minutes. Our application layering has proven to be superior to other application delivery models such as bundling apps into an image, isolating apps with application virtualization technology, or using above-the-OS layering technologies that struggle with app compatibility and interoperability issues.

One thing we're not as well known for – but which is becoming immensely valuable to our Citrix XenApp and Microsoft RDSH customers – is our ability to manage the full lifecycle of mission-critical applications.

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USF Health: EPIC EMR in a Unidesk Layer Was a Project-Saver

Posted by Richard Savage on Sep 23, 2015

This is a guest blog by Richard Savage, Senior Systems Administrator and End User Computing Architect at USF Health.

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