Citrix Service Providers - How much is image and app management costing your business?

Posted by Andrew Nadeau on Nov 11, 2016

Most Citrix Service Providers (CSPs) manage their XenApp/XenDesktop hosting environments the same way. Every time they on-board a new customer, they create a new image that contains the Windows OS and all the applications that the customer requires. If the customer has multiple departments with different application needs, then multiple images for that new customer are created.

If you're a CSP, here's what that can cost you, why it takes margin right off of your bottom line, and why it limits how fast you can grow your business. Then we'll show you a better way that lets you on-board new customers without any additional costs.

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Citrix Service Providers Automate and Scale Operations with Unidesk

Posted by Tom Rose on Oct 12, 2016

In a previous post, I shared how an enterprise customer will save more than $3 million by using Unidesk to streamline application and image management, expand Citrix XenApp hosted workspaces to all users, and put an end to costly PC refresh cycles. Citrix Service Providers (CSP) are recognizing that the automation and efficiencies provided by Unidesk can greatly impact their bottom lines, too.

Here's a quick look at why large and small CSPs alike are choosing Unidesk to reduce costs, improve service, and on-board more customers without adding more staff. At the end, you'll see how one mid-sized CSP expects to trim more than $1.75 million off of its annual cost of operations, based on the real-world numbers they gave us.

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