End Users Speak: App Mobility with VDI Increases Employee Productivity

Posted by TJ Racherla on Nov 16, 2015

We're often asked about what the end user reaction is to having their PCs replaced with virtual desktops or published apps. Do they like it? More importantly, will they accept it? We got the answer directly from the end users themselves on our recent webinar with Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

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Sandia National Labs’ VDI Deployment with Nutanix & Unidesk in GCN

Posted by TJ Racherla on Nov 4, 2015

Nutanix and Unidesk joint customer, Sandia National Laboratories recently made headlines as the subject of a case study by public sector IT publication, GCN. In the story, "Sandia’s VDI finds a good fit with hyper-converged infrastructure." Sandia's service manager, Nicole Ballard explains how their virtual desktop and application management solution from Unidesk and hyperconverged infrastructure solution from Nutanix have allowed IT to manage storage/compute and app delivery from a single console and concentrate on the desktop itself instead of the infrastructure.

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How 2 Healthcare Firms Are Mobilizing EMR Access for 6,000 Users

Posted by TJ Racherla on Nov 3, 2015

We are very excited about our upcoming healthcare customer webinars with Canada's Sunrise Health Region and Florida's USF Health. Together, they are mobilizing EMR access for 6,000 users with Unidesk's app delivery and image management solution:

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Chico Unified School District: Unidesk Helps K-12 School Achieve Simple, Flexible VDI

Posted by TJ Racherla on Aug 3, 2015

Chico Unified School District is a K-12 public school district based in Butte County, California serving approximately 12,000 students from Chico and the surrounding areas. A grant to improve IT infrastructure and build new computer labs presented Chico USD with the perfect opportunity to implement virtual desktops. The initial 600-desktop deployment with technology from Unidesk and VMware has gone so well that plans are underway to double its size. This VDI solution enabled Chico USD to:

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Health Network Labs Webinar Recap: "Best-of-Breed" VDI Works Best

Posted by TJ Racherla on Jun 19, 2015

We recently hosted a webinar featuring Health Network Labs, a laboratory diagnostic testing leader that implemented VDI as part of a data center refresh. Harvey Guindi, CIO at HNL, together with Eric Rounds, Security and Tech Officer, shared how a multi-vendor technology stack - with Unidesk for efficient desktop and application management, EMC XtremIO for super-fast flash storage, Imprivata for easy authentication and SSO, and Citrix XenDesktop for high-performance connectivity - has produced stellar results.

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"Confessions of a Former VM Hater" by Unidesk and VMware Horizon View customer Amdocs

Posted by Amy Larson on May 19, 2015

One of the things that always sets Unidesk apart from other vendors at trade shows is our customers. They are so passionate about our software that they willingly help staff our booth. They talk to other prospective customers about our technology. And they give awesome presentations in our mini-theater!

Our week at Microsoft Ignite was no exception. Here is a video of the presentation by Henrik Frank, VDI technical lead at Amdocs, the market leader in software and services for service providers in the communications, media and entertainment industry.

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Unidesk Readies for Big Week at Microsoft Ignite

Posted by Amy Larson on Apr 30, 2015

Unidesk is heading back to Chicago's McCormick Place after exhibiting there at HIMSS 2015 two weeks ago. This time it's for Microsoft Ignite 2015. We have some big things in store.

First, the mix of Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware customers who will be presenting in our booth (#344) will show why Unidesk has become the "open," best-in-class solution for managing Windows desktops and applications in VDI. Hear straight from your IT peers how to succeed at desktop virtualization!

The other reason: we're making the first of two major announcements that will extend Unidesk layering innovation into new markets.

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VMware's most successful EUC customers use Unidesk

Posted by Andrew Nadeau on Apr 3, 2015

VMware recently announced their new YouTube channel for End-User Computing (EUC) featuring product tutorials, customer testimonials, new product features, tech tips, recorded presentations, and more.

They launched the channel with several VMware Horizon customer testimonials and we're proud that three of the customers highlighted are using Unidesk to provision their VMs, package and deliver all applications, manage a single Windows OS layer across all desktops, and provide their users with full personalization.

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TechTarget: "Unidesk helps law firm weather VDI storms"

Posted by Tom Rose on Feb 11, 2015

A Unidesk law firm customer is in the news as a result of their successful virtual desktop deployment. TechTarget SearchVirtualDesktop just published "Unidesk helps law firm weather VDI storms" explaining how technology from Unidesk, Cisco, and VMware is helping Bernstein Shur keep its attorneys and staff productive and serving clients - even when snow makes getting to the workplace impossible!

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InfoWorld: Customers "Vault VDI Hurdles" with Unidesk

Posted by Tom Rose on Jan 20, 2015

InfoWorld just issued its Winter 2015 Digital Spotlight focused entirely on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The 20-page supplement, "Solving the VDI Equation," includes commentary and lessons learned from real-world deployments. In the article "Vaulting VDI Hurdles," IT managers at Unidesk customers USF Health and William Woods University explain how layering technology has helped them achieve success. Here's an excerpt:

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ZDNet: Alabama college picks Unidesk to manage VDI complexity

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Dec 22, 2014

Last week's webinar and press release on the use of Citrix, Dell, and Unidesk technology at Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) caught the attention of severeal important IT news publications and virtualization thought leaders. Dan Kusnetzky, a well-known consultant and author of ZDNet's Virtually Speaking blog, wanted to know more about ACOM's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) project. So, he interviewed ACOM Infrastructure engineer Jonathan Hataway.

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Webinar: Shannon Medical Center explains how they are scaling VDI

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Dec 3, 2014

McKesson EMR. SSO. Meaningful use. 100 apps. 700+ persistent and non-persistent desktops. BYOD. 1 Windows gold image. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is bringing it all together for care providers and IT staff alike at this Texas-based hospital.

Mike Russell, Assistant IT Director at Shannon Medical Center will tell you how in our next customer webinar co-sponsored by our partner Imprivata. It will be held tomorrow, Thursday, December 4 at 2pm ET - register for the live webinar here

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VDI in Healthcare Webinar, Watch Now!

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Aug 7, 2014

Last week we held a VDI in Healthcare roundtable webinar as part of our monthly corporate webinar series. This webinar was a bit different from our usual VDI webinars that feature our customers.

First, it was a roundtable, town hall style format. We have only done two others like this in the past, a VDI in Higher Education Roundtable webinar with several of our college and university customers, and a VDI in Local Government Roundtable webinar featuring several of our city and county government customers. Audience feedback is they love hearing different points of view, so we decided to repeat this format for healthcare.

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Unidesk at the Maine VTUG Summer Slam

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Jul 28, 2014

Unidesk Account Executive, Joe Stacom, better known as “Coyote” attended the Summer Slam New England VTUG (Virtual Technology User Group) in Maine a little over a week ago. He managed to capture a great moment via photograph, where as you can see below, everyone looks like they are having a great time! I love what incredible relationships our company as a whole has with our customers.  And, since I sit next to many of the sales reps – I can say from my own personal eavesdropping experience that their first priority is our customers' and the prospective customers' experiences and satisfaction with VDI. Not only do they want to ensure the success of the customers' desktop virtualization projects, but they genuinely want to get to know their customers. As evidenced here, Joe “Coyote” Stacom did just that in Maine!


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Persistent Desktops: How One College Deployed VDI for Staff First

Posted by Tom Rose on Mar 10, 2014

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is growing rapidly in higher education. Most colleges and universities start by replacing their physical lab PCs with non-persistent virtual desktops.  In the early days of VDI in education, this made the most sense:

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Unidesk Makes Biggest VDI News at VMworld 2013

Posted by Tom Rose on Sep 4, 2013

We're finally catching our breath from a whirlwind VMworld 2013. The week got off to a great start when SearchVirtualDesktop covered the big end user computing announcements at the conference, and Unidesk was the top story - "Latest layering tools a boon to VDI management."

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Three Leading Law Firms Virtualize Desktops - The IT Perspective

Posted by Tom Rose on Jul 25, 2013

Yesterday, I talked about how Unidesk and VDI are helping the attorneys and staff at three leading law firms be more productive. And, how the IT teams at Bernstein Shur, Miller Johnson, and Procopio are visionaries for recognizing the end user benefits of virtual desktops compared to physical PCs.

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Three Leading Law Firms Virtualize Desktops - The End User Perspective

Posted by Tom Rose on Jul 24, 2013

One thing that’s great about being in high tech is you get to work with customers who are visionaries. Take Monday’s announcement, for example, that three of our legal customers have replaced their physical PCs with virtual desktops firm-wide. If you’re in IT, you know that selling this to their end users couldn't have been easy - at least not at first. People can become very set in their ways.

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Unidesk Fueling VDI Success in Germany

Posted by Tom Rose on Jun 5, 2013

We recently announced that The Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim (ATB) - one of Germany’s top federally funded science and engineering research institutions - is replacing all of its PCs with Unidesk virtual desktops accessed by VMware View. ATB wanted to make its desktops more secure, respond faster to researchers’ needs for different apps, and achieve a single, simpler point of desktop administration for its small IT staff. Unidesk was the answer.

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“Kia Kaha” Boston (Stay Strong)

Posted by Tom Rose on May 15, 2013

It's not every day we get a package from New Zealand. But one arrived this week from one of our customers.

We opened it to find a treasure trove of Kiwi gifts, and this amazing letter to the company on top.

It brought smiles to all of our faces, and moved more than a few of us to tears, especially given how fresh the Boston Marathon bombing still is, and the follow-on tragedies in Texas and Bangladesh that should not be overlooked.

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