Why Healthcare CMIOs Love Unidesk

Posted by Meghan Simmons on Dec 2, 2016

The Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) has a difficult task as the liaison between IT and end users (physicians, clinicians, nurses, etc.). This role has become exponentially more challenging when you factor in the demands of achieving Meaningful Use and integrating with the Health Information Exchange (HIE).

In this post we will explore a specific challenge of the CMIO - how to meet the conflicting end user computing demands of IT and end users - and how Unidesk is helping some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world address it.

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Cook Children's Hospital Uses Citrix, RES, Nutanix and Unidesk to Improve Patient Care

Posted by Meghan Simmons on Oct 18, 2016

Medical centers and hospitals rely on IT to provide clinicians with the right technology to deliver the best possible patient care. To continuously improve the patient experience, hospitals are turning to Citrix for Windows workspace delivery, RES for workspace security and personalization, Nutanix for hyperconverged infrastructure, and Unidesk for application packaging and lifecycle management. Our partner RES just published a new case study on Cook Children's Health Care System that explains why Citrix, RES, Nutanix and Unidesk are such a trusted combination in healthcare. Here's a first look!

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Customer Extends Citrix XenApp with Unidesk - Projects $3.6M Savings

Posted by Tom Rose on Sep 12, 2016

We're winning enterprise customers since the launch of our new, highly scalable Unidesk 4 platform, which now supports VMware Horizon in addition to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. The larger size and scope of these projects, however, puts a much greater emphasis on economic return. You can't blame CFOs for wanting to know how fast Unidesk is going to pay for itself and how they'll save money.

One area of impact that has caught their attention is using Unidesk to better leverage existing Citrix XenApp investments instead of perpetuating costly PC refresh cycles. Here's the situation at one healthcare organization, who plans to save more than $3.6 million by not having to buy 3,900 new PCs.

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How 2 Healthcare Firms Are Mobilizing EMR Access for 6,000 Users

Posted by TJ Racherla on Nov 3, 2015

We are very excited about our upcoming healthcare customer webinars with Canada's Sunrise Health Region and Florida's USF Health. Together, they are mobilizing EMR access for 6,000 users with Unidesk's app delivery and image management solution:

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USF Health: EPIC EMR in a Unidesk Layer Was a Project-Saver

Posted by Richard Savage on Sep 23, 2015

This is a guest blog by Richard Savage, Senior Systems Administrator and End User Computing Architect at USF Health.

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Think You’ve Hit The Utopia Of Virtualized Healthcare? 5 Reasons Why You Haven’t

Posted by TJ Racherla on Aug 13, 2015

If you liked “4 Hour Workweek”, You’ll Love Unidesk!

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Health Network Labs Answers Your VDI FAQs About Imprivata, Unidesk, and More

Posted by TJ Racherla on Jul 29, 2015

VDI in healthcare continues to be a hot topic for Unidesk, especially because of the large number of customers acquired lately in this field. To educate our healthcare audience about VDI best practices, we host webinars time and again, as a result of which we receive several questions on topics of common interest. 

Here, we will highlight some of the important FAQs asked during the webinar on Health Network Labs’ 1,000-user VDI deployment, along with the responses from the company’s CIO, Harvey Guindi and Security and Technology Officer, Eric Rounds.

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IT Thought Leadership: How has it changed and what does the future look like?

Posted by Brett Virmalo on May 4, 2015

Michael Feld, CEO of VertitechIT and Interim CTO at Lancaster General Hospital discusses the past and future of IT for healthcare.

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Healthcare Customers Talk VDI Success with Imprivata & Unidesk at HIMSS

Posted by Amy Larson on Apr 23, 2015

Last week at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Chicago, North Bend Medical Center (NBMC) and Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) presented in the Unidesk booth how they have collectively deployed over 1,000 virtual desktops. Both customers are streamlining access to clinical applications so doctors can spend more time caring for patients, while making virtual desktop and app management so simple that 1 administrator with help from service desk staff can manage the entire environment! The keys to their success? Imprivata and Unidesk!

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Single Sign On in VDI Improves Speed of Exam-Room Workflow

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Nov 14, 2014

We recently held a VDI virtual lunch and learn with Chris Peredun and Martin Poirier, two of the lead desktop virtualization administrators at Group Health Centre, a multi-specialty, ambulatory care health organization in Ontario, Canada. You can read Group Health Centre's VDI success story here or watch their full webinar recording here! One of the things that that really stood out from this discussion was how Single Sign On, aka SSO, improves the speed and efficiency of exam room workflows!

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Can't Virtualize Allscripts EHR in VDI? Layer It!

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Nov 5, 2014

Allscripts is the electronic health record (EHR) software for many small and mid-sized medical practices. As more care providers move to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), they need a way to deliver Allscripts EHR to their new virtual desktops. Howerver, as most everyone now knows, and as Gartner covered recently in "The Secret Bottleneck of VDI," application delivery is one of the major reasons for stalled VDI projects and IT headaches. So, it's no surprise that many healthcare IT teams find they can't virtualize Allscripts for VDI application delivery.

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Struggling to Virtualize McKesson EMR for VDI?

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Oct 14, 2014

McKesson Paragon® is one of the most popular electronic medical record (EMR) software solutions used in healthcare. Many care providers are tying the deployment of McKesson EMR with the deployment of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Given that application delivery is one of the biggest roadblocks to VDI success, and that healthcare IT organizations are hitting lots of issues trying to virtualize their EMR and EHR applications, it should come as no surprise that McKesson EMR app delivery is often a major issue.

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A Better Way to Deliver EMR Apps in VDI

Posted by Andrew Nadeau on Oct 8, 2014

We previously wrote about the 3 challenges trying to virtualize and deliver EMR apps in VDI. This article will look at how new virtual desktop management technology called "layering" solves all 3 problems. Whether you're using Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS, or VMware Horizon View for virtual desktop connectivity, layering makes delivering Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software such as Allscripts, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, McKesson, and Meditech fast and easy for healthcare IT organizations that are moving their Windows desktops to the cloud.

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3 Challenges Virtualizing EMR Apps in VDI

Posted by Tom Rose on Oct 7, 2014

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) applications such as Allscripts, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, McKesson, and Meditech are at the heart of every healthcare organization's IT strategy.  Increasingly, EMRs are being deployed in concert with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).  But there are 3 issues almost every healthcare IT team faces trying to virtualize and deliver EMR in VDI.

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North Bend Medical Center's 3 Requirements for VDI Success

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Oct 1, 2014

As I wrote previously in Why North Bend Medical Center implemented VDI, this progressive healthcare organization on the Southern Oregon Coast was looking to simplify Windows desktop managment for IT, as well as to provide its physicians and clinical staff with a more conisistent, faster, and more easily accessible computer experience.

In this blog, we'll cover what CTO Doug McLeod and Systems Architect Joshua Rabe cited as the 3 requirements for VDI success in their healthcare organization.  So you can hear it directly from them, I've included the video excerpt from the North Bend Medical Center Shares VDI Best Practices webinar, which is now available on-demand.

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Why North Bend Medical Center Implemented VDI

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Sep 30, 2014

Last week 426 of you registered to hear our most recent VDI customer success webinar with North Bend Medical Center sponsored by Imprivata, Nimble Storage, and Unidesk.  Doug McLeod, CTO, and Joshua Rabe, Systems Architect, shared their experience implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and explained why VDI is now such a strategic part of North Bend Medical's healthcare initiative.

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Can't Virtualize Epic EMR? Layer It!

Posted by Tom Rose on Sep 17, 2014

As Unidesk expands in healthcare, we're hearing more of  this:

  • "I can't virtualize Epic EMR!"
  • "Deploying Epic EMR in virtual environments is harder than it was on physical PCs!"
  • "We can't deliver Epic with VDI!"

Epic is one of the most popular Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software solutions in the world, used by many mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals and integrated healthcare organizations. Not being able to deliver the Epic Hyperspace client is a showstopper for those trying to implement virtual clinical workspaces.

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VDI in Healthcare Webinar, Watch Now!

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Aug 7, 2014

Last week we held a VDI in Healthcare roundtable webinar as part of our monthly corporate webinar series. This webinar was a bit different from our usual VDI webinars that feature our customers.

First, it was a roundtable, town hall style format. We have only done two others like this in the past, a VDI in Higher Education Roundtable webinar with several of our college and university customers, and a VDI in Local Government Roundtable webinar featuring several of our city and county government customers. Audience feedback is they love hearing different points of view, so we decided to repeat this format for healthcare.

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