VDI With Hyper-V Gets Easier And Better

Posted by TJ Racherla on Aug 20, 2015

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has traditionally been more costly to implement than buying new PCs, preventing organizations from taking advantage of the mobility, security, and productivity advantages.

Microsoft VDI on Hyper-V is half the cost of VMware, making virtual desktops even cheaper than PC refresh. But many think Hyper-V still lags behind VMware technically. As the EBook, 7 Reasons Why VDI with Hyper-V and RDS is Poised for Takeoff explains, that's no longer the case. Here are two more examples from our Technical Blog explaining why Hyper-V may actually be surpassing VMware vSphere when it comes to hosting virtual desktop workloads.

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Unidesk Growing Channel Strength is Recognized

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Jun 1, 2015

CRN just named Unidesk to the prestigious 2015 Virtualization 50 list of technology vendors who are working with VARs to bring the software-defined data center to enterprise customers. And SearchITChannel has covered our announcement of our newly enhanced partner program.

Why are channel news publications taking more notice of Unidesk?

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Unidesk 3.0 Brings Simplicity and Scalability to Microsoft VDI

Posted by Tom Rose on Mar 10, 2015

Our mission at Unidesk has always been to bring a new era of simplicty to the management of Windows desktops and applications. Since day one we designed our layering innovation for virtual infrastructure because we believed it held the greatest potential for IT transformation. And we've been successful, with 1,000 customers choosing Unidesk to simplify the deployment and management of on-premise VDI in VMware-based private clouds.

Today, with the help of Microsoft, we take the next step in establishing Unidesk as the new standard in open desktop and application management for the cloud. With the official announcement of Unidesk 3.0, we are extending the Windows Server and Hyper-V platform to provide more efficient, scalable management of the Microsoft VDI experience, giving customers exciting new options for overcoming VDI cost, complexity and application delivery hurdles.

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Microsoft's View on Release of Unidesk for Hyper-V

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Feb 20, 2015

The launch of Unidesk for Hyper-V continues with this guest blog from Klaas Langhout, Microsoft Director of Program Management for Remote Desktop Services. See why Microsoft is excited about the release of Unidesk for Hyper-V!

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Unidesk for Hyper-V Feature: Management of RDS Collections

Posted by Ron Oglesby on Feb 5, 2015

Over the next few weeks leading up to our official general availabiity announcement of Unidesk 3.0 for Hyper-V, I'm going to be posting videos that demonstrate different Unidesk features. Today's video is how Unidesk brings simplicity and scalability to the management of Microsoft RDS collections and desktops.

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Large Scale VDI using Hyper-V with Storage Tiers and Deduplication

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Jan 13, 2015

Everyone is talking about how Unidesk for Hyper-V makes VDI deployments using Microsoft Hyper-V and RDS easier to scale and manage. Here is another great resource if you are looking to scale VDI on Hyper-V.  Microsoft just blogged a new whitepaper on how to leverage Storage Tiers and Data Deduplication for large-scale virtual desktop deployments.

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Microsoft Previews Unidesk for Hyper-V at TechEd Europe

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Nov 5, 2014

We haven't been all that secretive about Unidesk desktop layering innovation coming to Microsoft VDI. But now it's really getting around. Last week at TechEd Europe 2014, Microsoft introduced Unidesk for Hyper-V, showed a demo of Unidesk managing RDS collections, and encouraged attendees to download Unidesk for Hyper-V Tech Preview.

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Unidesk and Microsoft VDI - The start of our Hyper-V journey

Posted by Tom Rose on Nov 5, 2014

Last week we started our public journey on Hyper-V with the release of Unidesk for Hyper-V Tech Preview. This wasn't the official launch of our Microsoft VDI solution - that's still to come. But being able to download and install our industry-leading desktop layering technology on Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) marks a major milestone for our company.

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