Is Unidesk an App-V Competitor for Application Packaging?

Posted by Thomas Willingham on Sep 26, 2016

Unidesk has been considered an App-V alternative in VDI environments since we first came to market. Now, with our new award-winning support for Citrix XenApp, where App-V is often used to virtualize apps on published desktop and application servers, we’re getting asked more frequently if Unidesk is an App-V competitor. The answer is "it depends."

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Unidesk for Hyper-V Feature: Application Layering for Microsoft VDI

Posted by Ron Oglesby on Feb 13, 2015

In my last video blog, I showed how Unidesk for Hyper-V brings simplicity and scalability to the mangement of RDS collections and desktops. Today's video shows how Unidesk application layering technology makes application virtualization issues a thing of the past for Microsoft VDI.

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Unidesk announces "Definitive Guide to Desktop Layering"

Posted by Chris Midgley on Dec 9, 2014

Interest in desktop layering is at an all-time high. Gartner favorably compared layering to traditional application delivery methods in its recent report “Selecting the Right Application Delivery Model for Virtual Desktops." VMware is actively promoting the App Volumes (formerly CloudVolumes) application layering technology it acquired earlier this year. Unidesk is growing faster than ever, with 900 customers using our desktop layering platform to manage Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

With so much focus on this innovative new approach to delivering and managing Windows desktops and applications in the cloud, it’s time that IT professionals had a guide to help them understand what desktop layering is and what the essential requirements of an effective layering solution are.

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