K-12 School Cracks the Code to Low-Cost VDI

Posted by TJ Racherla on Feb 4, 2016

Last week, we aired the first episode in our 2016 End User Computing Customer Webinar Series, which spotlights IT professionals who are modernizing their Windows workspaces with the help of Unidesk application lifecycle management technology. Our 2015 webinar series featured a large number of Citrix and VMware customers. To even it out, we kicked off the new year with a Microsoft customer who is using Unidesk to scale VDI with in-the-box Windows Server technologies - for about $400 per desktop. Yes, you read that right. $400 per desktop, all-inclusive!

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Unidesk Accelerates UK Growth with New Distributor

Posted by Samantha Foster on Jan 6, 2016

Today's big channel news: Cloud Distribution Ltd, a next generation value-added distributor that specializes in bringing innovative security, virtualization, and storage solutions to the UK market, has added Unidesk to their portfolio!

Existing and new channel partners will now be better equipped to meet the growing demand for Unidesk as their customers look to simplify desktop virtualization, application virtualization, and server-based computing deployments on-premises and in the cloud.

Cloud Distribution is also adding Unidesk technology partner Gridstore to their portfolio to disrupt the UK VDI market. With the combination of Gridstore, Unidesk, and Microsoft RDS,  Cloud Distribution's VARs can offer high performance virtual desktops at less than ₤400 per user "all-in."

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Auto Dealer Implements 2,000 Desktop Hybrid Cloud for VDI on Hyper-V & vSphere

Posted by Tom Rose on Oct 26, 2015

When you hear hybrid cloud, you probably think of dividing up workloads across on-premises infrastructure and one or more public clouds. This week, one of our customers will share how they've built an internal hybrid cloud to deliver 2,000 virtual desktops to their employees.

Leith Automotive Group, one of the largest auto dealers in North Carolina, will explain in a live webinar how they deployed their first 800 desktops on VMware vSphere with Unidesk and VMware Horizon, and why they're rolling out the remaining 1,200 desktops on Hyper-V with Unidesk and Microsoft VDI.

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This Microsoft VDI Demo Will Be The Best 7 Minutes Of Your Day

Posted by TJ Racherla on Oct 19, 2015

If you haven't seen a Microsoft VDI demo lately, you don't know what you're missing!

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Microsoft RDSH Session Management at Scale

Posted by Rob Zylowski on Oct 13, 2015

We have been working with Microsoft VDI - including session hosts (RDSH), full virtual desktops, and Azure - for about a year now in the field. As with anything, it has taken a while to understand the strengths and limitations of the technologies. We've found that the underlying RDS broker technology scales very well. A load balanced pair of Remote Desktop Connection Broker Servers can scale to many thousands of desktops or session hosts and provide quick connection times for users. However, the management tools built into Windows Server do not scale as well, topping out at about 400-500 virtual machines.

In the past, IT administrators would need to utilize PowerShell as they approached the 500 VM mark. With Unidesk's extensions to RDS, patching and updating RDS collections is now automated and simple. But there are still some great things you can do with PowerShell to extend RDS with additional capabilities. In this blog, I'll introduce my first utility to help with managing Windows sessions and virtual desktops at scale.

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I have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, what else do I need to deploy Microsoft VDI?

Posted by Andrew Nadeau on Oct 8, 2015

If you have a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), chances are you already own the components you need to deploy Microsoft VDI into a production environment, making virtual desktops and Windows app mobility finally cheaper than a PC refresh. This blog breaks down each of the components needed from both a software and hardware perspective, so you understand how you can deploy Microsoft VDI at scale with in-the-box Windows Server technologies.

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"Why Are We Paying Citrix & VMware $400+ Per User to Deliver Windows Apps?"

Posted by Andrew Nadeau on Oct 1, 2015

Lately, we've been hearing IT execs ask this more and more. It's becoming the million dollar question - literally. Before, when enterprises bought a PC, they didn't have to pay a third party to put a Windows app on it. Now they're starting to wonder why they're paying VMware and Citrix thousands or even millions of dollars to put the same Windows app on a virtual desktop or publish it from a session host. Especially when they could use in-the-box Windows Server technology they may already own.

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MVPDays: Meeting IT's Needs for Simple, Flexible, Low Cost App Delivery

Posted by Tom Rose on Sep 30, 2015

I spent last week in Canada, where I met with hundreds of IT pros at the Microsoft MVP Days Community Roadshow. At our stops in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton, we heard the same IT challenges repeated:

  • "Our IT project list is constantly expanding."
  • "They expect us to do more but they don't give us more budget."
  • "There aren't enough of us in IT to get everything we want done."
  • "We need tools that simplify our work and make us more efficient."
  • "I wish I could offload basic management tasks to less experienced admins."

Unidesk was a big hit on the roadshow because our layering innovation offers relief from these challenges when it comes to the delivery of Windows desktops and applications:

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Hyper-V Dynamic Memory vs. VMware Memory Overcommitment - Another Reason to Use Microsoft for VDI

Posted by Andrea Abernathy on Aug 11, 2015

Our Ebook 6 Reasons Why VDI with Hyper-V and RDS is Ready for Takeoff is being downloaded a lot. It's clear that a lot of IT pros are looking for ways to avoid the so-called VMware tax and stretch their IT budgets farther by leveraging the lower cost of Microsoft VDI.

Here's another technical reason to consider Hyper-V over vSphere for hosting virtual desktops: with the enhanced Dynamic Memory improvements for Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012, you can attain higher VM consolidation numbers and improved reliability for restart operations. This can lead to lower costs, especially in pooled VDI environments that have idle or low-load virtual machines.

To understand why you can achieve greater VM density on Hyper-V than vSphere, you need to understand how VMware's Memory Overcommitment and Microsoft's Dynamic Memory technologies work. Let's compare the two.

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Unidesk, Azure and Windows 10 at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015

Posted by Amy Larson on Jul 16, 2015

We’re so excited to have been at Microsoft WPC in Orlando this week. We were in the front row for all of Microsoft’s announcements. And we were able to spread the word about how Unidesk is extending Microsoft VDI and Hyper-V with greater scalability and managability, and how we're becoming the image management and application delivery solution for both Azure RemoteApp and Remote Desktop Session Hosts (RDSH) in Azure.

It was really energizing to be surrounded by Microsoft’s best partners from all over the world. You could grab a coffee with someone from a different continent every day!

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VDI Price Analysis

Posted by TJ Racherla on Jun 15, 2015

As any technology matures and becomes more widely adopted, it gets cheaper. That's what's happening with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Citrix, Microsoft and VMware all now offer reliable hypervisors, fast protocols, and robust client support. Management is the remaining gap, and how each vendor looks to fill that gap impacts cost.

VMware has acquired many different tools for application delivery, image management, provisioning, personalization, and disk space optimization, adding capabilities - as well as cost and complexity - to VMware Horizon. Citrix has tried to leverage its existing XenApp tools for XenDesktop VDI. Microsoft has chosen Unidesk as its management partner for Microsoft VDI.

What's the best way to do VDI on a budget? This table offers a VDI price analysis for a 500-user example using data from the VMware Store, Citrix Store, and Unidesk Pricing Tool.

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Channel News Mags Cover Unidesk 3.0 and Support for Microsoft VDI

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Mar 24, 2015

We've had some amazing press coverage on our announcement of Unidesk 3.0 and its new support for Microsoft VDI and Hyper-V! My last post summarized some of the articles that came out in the magazines targeting IT professionals. We've had some great pick-up in the publications geared toward VARs and system integrators, too! Check out the video interview with our CEO Don Bulens in CRN and what top VDI resellers have to say about us in Channelnomics!

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Unidesk Support for Microsoft VDI and Hyper-V in the News

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Mar 17, 2015

The biggest news in end user computing last week was that Unidesk 3.0 is now available for Microsoft VDI and Hyper-V! TechTarget, InfoWorld, The Register, OnWindows, Channelnomics, Network World, CRNtv, Infotech Lead, Virtual Strategy Magazine and others ran stories on how Unidesk layering innovation brings simplicity and scalability to the Microsoft VDI platform. We summarize some of the news coverage aimed at IT in this blog. My next post will highlight some of the channel publication coverage.

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Unidesk 3.0 Brings Simplicity and Scalability to Microsoft VDI

Posted by Tom Rose on Mar 10, 2015

Our mission at Unidesk has always been to bring a new era of simplicty to the management of Windows desktops and applications. Since day one we designed our layering innovation for virtual infrastructure because we believed it held the greatest potential for IT transformation. And we've been successful, with 1,000 customers choosing Unidesk to simplify the deployment and management of on-premise VDI in VMware-based private clouds.

Today, with the help of Microsoft, we take the next step in establishing Unidesk as the new standard in open desktop and application management for the cloud. With the official announcement of Unidesk 3.0, we are extending the Windows Server and Hyper-V platform to provide more efficient, scalable management of the Microsoft VDI experience, giving customers exciting new options for overcoming VDI cost, complexity and application delivery hurdles.

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Unidesk and Microsoft VDI Feature: Desktop Provisioning

Posted by Ron Oglesby on Mar 5, 2015

Here's another video on Unidesk and Microsoft VDI. My last one showed how layering eliminates gold image sprawl in VDI by enabling you to use 1 clean Windows OS layer for all VMs. Today's video shows how Unidesk makes provisioning a desktop or groups of desktops on Hyper-V super-efficient. You'll see how to build VMs from any combination of OS and app layer VHDs, and drop the VMs straight into collections for easy access through RD Connection Broker.

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Microsoft's View on Release of Unidesk for Hyper-V

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Feb 20, 2015

The launch of Unidesk for Hyper-V continues with this guest blog from Klaas Langhout, Microsoft Director of Program Management for Remote Desktop Services. See why Microsoft is excited about the release of Unidesk for Hyper-V!

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Unidesk for Hyper-V Feature: Application Layering for Microsoft VDI

Posted by Ron Oglesby on Feb 13, 2015

In my last video blog, I showed how Unidesk for Hyper-V brings simplicity and scalability to the mangement of RDS collections and desktops. Today's video shows how Unidesk application layering technology makes application virtualization issues a thing of the past for Microsoft VDI.

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Large Scale VDI using Hyper-V with Storage Tiers and Deduplication

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Jan 13, 2015

Everyone is talking about how Unidesk for Hyper-V makes VDI deployments using Microsoft Hyper-V and RDS easier to scale and manage. Here is another great resource if you are looking to scale VDI on Hyper-V.  Microsoft just blogged a new whitepaper on how to leverage Storage Tiers and Data Deduplication for large-scale virtual desktop deployments.

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Microsoft Previews Unidesk for Hyper-V at TechEd Europe

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Nov 5, 2014

We haven't been all that secretive about Unidesk desktop layering innovation coming to Microsoft VDI. But now it's really getting around. Last week at TechEd Europe 2014, Microsoft introduced Unidesk for Hyper-V, showed a demo of Unidesk managing RDS collections, and encouraged attendees to download Unidesk for Hyper-V Tech Preview.

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Unidesk and Microsoft VDI - The start of our Hyper-V journey

Posted by Tom Rose on Nov 5, 2014

Last week we started our public journey on Hyper-V with the release of Unidesk for Hyper-V Tech Preview. This wasn't the official launch of our Microsoft VDI solution - that's still to come. But being able to download and install our industry-leading desktop layering technology on Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) marks a major milestone for our company.

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