Microsoft Office Customization Tool in VDI

Posted by Jeff Pitsch on Oct 30, 2015

With app delivery and patch management for on-premises and cloud environments simplified through innovations like Unidesk, which enables Windows apps such as Microsoft Office to be packaged once and delivered anywhere as a virtual disk "layer," admins may forget that other secondary tools are still needed. A prime example is the Office Customization Tool (OCT).

Now you may be asking, "why would I care about customizing my Office installation?" If you have deployed non-persistent desktops in a VDI environment, you need to have some way of creating the mail profile for the end users. Group Policy won’t or can’t do everything. Maybe you don’t even have rights to set your own GPOs. This where the Office Customization Tool, available with the volume license edition of Microsoft Office, comes in handy.

The OCT allows you to create Outlook profiles so the user doesn’t get prompted for Exchange information. It can set default user settings for Office. It can assign certificates. Probably the best feature, in my opinion, is the ability to automatically create a mail profile. This can prevent mistakes from end users which, in the end, prevents calls to the help desk.

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