VDI Price Analysis

Posted by TJ Racherla on Jun 15, 2015

As any technology matures and becomes more widely adopted, it gets cheaper. That's what's happening with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Citrix, Microsoft and VMware all now offer reliable hypervisors, fast protocols, and robust client support. Management is the remaining gap, and how each vendor looks to fill that gap impacts cost.

VMware has acquired many different tools for application delivery, image management, provisioning, personalization, and disk space optimization, adding capabilities - as well as cost and complexity - to VMware Horizon. Citrix has tried to leverage its existing XenApp tools for XenDesktop VDI. Microsoft has chosen Unidesk as its management partner for Microsoft VDI.

What's the best way to do VDI on a budget? This table offers a VDI price analysis for a 500-user example using data from the VMware Store, Citrix Store, and Unidesk Pricing Tool.

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