[VIDEO] First Look at Unidesk Elastic Layering Delivering Unique Apps in Real Time to XenApp Sessions

Posted by Tom Rose on Apr 21, 2016

We're several weeks into our Tech Preview program for Unidesk Layered Images and our connector that pushes the images through Citrix Provisioning Services. The feedback from our first testers has been very positive. Citrix customers with lots of XenApp servers are already seeing how much time (and money) they'll save by patching and updating Windows Server and all of their apps once, instead of once for every silo and vDisk.

But we're also making progress on The Next Big Thing that will revolutionize application management for Windows workspaces: Unidesk Elastic Layering. This new "hot-add" technology attaches our virtual disk layers at user logon to virtual desktops and - in an industry first - individual XenApp sessions. You'll be able to deliver one-off apps to users on-demand based on AD user and group membership and offer fully personalized workspaces, without the overhead of dedicated persistent machines for every user.

Here with a first look demo of Unidesk Elastic Layering attaching apps to a XenApp session is our Chief Solution Architect Ron Oglesby.

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