Agent-Based Management Systems in XenApp/RDSH and VDI Environments: An Architect’s Thoughts

Posted by Ron Oglesby on Apr 27, 2016

I still hear a lot of talk and debate about using traditional PC management products (e.g. MS System Center Configuration Manager, BigFix, LANdesk) in virtualized environments.

Some Admins/Architects cannot understand why anyone would move away from these existing tools just because their desktops and apps are moving into a virtual world.

Others have the opposite reaction, and can’t believe there are shops "still using those old traditional tools" in their new virtual environments.

The reality is that there are reasons to keep agent-based management systems like SCCM in virtualized Citrix XenApp/RDSH and VDI environments, and reasons to dump them in favor of new technologies such as app layering that are designed for virtualized datacenters and the cloud. As you’ll see here, it really all depends (sorry, I was a consultant for too many years… everything depends).

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