Comparing Unidesk and VMware App Volumes

Posted by Greg Duescher on Mar 17, 2016

Now that VMware has announced App Volumes 3 and Unidesk has announced Unidesk 4, it's time for an updated comparison of the two application management solutions.

Unidesk's marketing people will say Unidesk is the original inventor of application layering, with the most customers, the most apps delivered, and the most mature technology. But App Volumes is about to release version 3 and has some good market traction now, too.

VMware's marketing people will say App Volumes pioneered real-time app delivery, with the ability to add apps at logon so that non-persistent VMs can be personalized on-demand. But Unidesk now has this ability in version 4, and is taking it a step further by providing hot-add for Citrix XenApp sessions.

I've now run both solutions in the lab, so I'm going to try to cut through the marketing FUD. Here's my take on what the technical differences are, why they matter, and what I'm hearing from the customers I talk to every day as a Unidesk solution architect.

By the end, you'll see why I think Unidesk is the right choice for customers who want maximum app compatibility, simplicity, open support for any platform, and an easy path to the cloud.

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End Users Speak: App Mobility with VDI Increases Employee Productivity

Posted by TJ Racherla on Nov 16, 2015

We're often asked about what the end user reaction is to having their PCs replaced with virtual desktops or published apps. Do they like it? More importantly, will they accept it? We got the answer directly from the end users themselves on our recent webinar with Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

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Gridstore-Unidesk Partnership Ushers in New Era of VDI Price/Performance

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Nov 6, 2015

This week we announced a new technology alliance partnership with Gridstore, a fast-growing provider of hyper-converged, all-flash infrastructure for data centers using Windows Server and Hyper-V. This is a great example of a customer-led alliance. Before we even started working together, joint customers figured out that Gridstore HCI with Unidesk and Windows Server RDS could deliver super-fast virtual desktops that are easier to manage than PCs. At only $500-600 per user all-in! Finally, VDI for far less than the cost of PCs!

Infrastructure performance. Complexity. Cost. The 3 big blockers to VDI have fallen with our new alliance. What's unique about the combination of Gridstore and Unidesk that ushers in this new era of VDI price/performance? What are our customers and Microsoft saying about the combination? Let's take a look.

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