Sunrise Health Shares Their Secret to VDI Success

Posted by Meghan Simmons on Aug 1, 2016

Our recent webinar featuring Sunrise Health's Director of IT, Sheranga Jayasinghe, focused on how they have improved patient experience with their simple VDI solution. Sheranga filled the audience in on how he has successfully implemented VDI for 4,000 employees and dramatically reduced patient wait times. For Sunrise Health, Unidesk is one of the key components in improving end user satisfaction and reducing wait time for patients.

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Real-Time App Delivery for Citrix XenApp and VDI – a Deeper Look at Unidesk Elastic Layering

Posted by Thomas Willingham on Jul 27, 2016

Elastic LayeringTM was announced back in April, when we provided a preview of how Unidesk 4 could deliver unique apps in real time to Citrix XenApp sessions. This new ability to attach virtual disks at login and give XenApp users logging into the same server different apps was one of the reasons that Unidesk 4 won Best of Citrix Synergy Award for New Technology. Now that this capability is available for XenApp, and for VDI – it’s time to  take a deeper look at the technology. After my technical overview, I include a short video by our Chief Solution Architect Ron Oglesby that visually explains how Unidesk Elastic Layering works.

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Global Law Firm Reveals the Secrets to Award-Winning VDI

Posted by TJ Racherla on May 5, 2016

In IT, you usually only hear from end users when something is slow or broken. But global law firm Jenner and Block implemented an award-winning virtual desktop infrastructure that is working so well, the firm's attorneys are contacting IT from as far away as Switzerland and India to tell them how happy they are with the experience.

What's the secret to their VDI success?

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With Unidesk and VDI, Snow Day Means Business As Usual for Leading Law Firm

Posted by TJ Racherla on Mar 10, 2016

Unidesk law firm customer Ober Kaler was recently featured in the Maryland Daily Record for the advanced mobile access they’re granting their employees with virtual desktops and Unidesk application management software.

The article, Because of technology, snow day means business as usual explains how the recent “snowmageddon” in Baltimore had no effect on Ober Kaler’s business operations and client service. Attorneys and staff worked from home with access to all applications, even though the firm's office was officially closed on the day of the storm.

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What Do These 3 Successful VDI Deployments Have in Common?

Posted by TJ Racherla on Mar 4, 2016

We kicked off the New Year with three awesome customer webinars in our End User Computing Customer Webinar Series, which spotlights IT professionals who are modernizing their Windows workspaces with the help of Unidesk application lifecycle management technology.

Even though all three customers are using three different connectivity solutions (Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenDesktop, and VMware Horizon), and two different virtualization platforms (Hyper-V and vSphere), their VDI deployments have one technology in common: Unidesk.

Unidesk's openness should not come as a surprise. We're known for our numerous customer successes with VMware Horizon. We're also known for being Microsoft's image management partner for scaling Microsoft VDI on Hyper-V and making it easy to move Windows apps to the cloud with Azure RemoteApp. Our innovations for Citrix have also been in the news lately, and many Citrix customers with large XenApp farms are already making enterprise commitments to Unidesk.

In case you missed it, here's how the 3 customers are using Unidesk with their chosen infrastructure and end user computing platforms. The full webinar recordings let you listen to your peers explain how they are making application and desktop management easier for their IT organizations, while delivering fast, secure 24x7 access to Windows apps for their end users.

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Another Unidesk Customer Featured in Windows IT Pro

Posted by TJ Racherla on Feb 22, 2016

Last month, two Unidesk manufacturing customers - Dayton Superior and Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing USA - made headlines as the subject of Windows IT Pro magazine’s hit story, "From Water Pumps to Sports Bikes, Manufacturers like Their VDI".

This month, another Unidesk customer - Montgomery County, PA - was featured in the magazine’s new story, "Law enforcement ups its VDI game." The article explains how local, state, and federal agencies are enhancing mobility and streamlining application management for their workforces, while realizing additional benefits such as better security and lower costs.

For those who think virtualizing desktops and apps is more expensive than doing things the same old way with PCs, the facts shared in this story prove otherwise.

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Unidesk Accelerates UK Growth with New Distributor

Posted by Samantha Foster on Jan 6, 2016

Today's big channel news: Cloud Distribution Ltd, a next generation value-added distributor that specializes in bringing innovative security, virtualization, and storage solutions to the UK market, has added Unidesk to their portfolio!

Existing and new channel partners will now be better equipped to meet the growing demand for Unidesk as their customers look to simplify desktop virtualization, application virtualization, and server-based computing deployments on-premises and in the cloud.

Cloud Distribution is also adding Unidesk technology partner Gridstore to their portfolio to disrupt the UK VDI market. With the combination of Gridstore, Unidesk, and Microsoft RDS,  Cloud Distribution's VARs can offer high performance virtual desktops at less than ₤400 per user "all-in."

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VDI: To Persist or Not To Persist

Posted by Spencer Sun on Dec 3, 2015

One of the big decisions to make when implementing VDI is whether to provide Persistent or Non-Persistent desktops. Users are accustomed to saving their settings, installing applications and having a consistent, persistent experience on their physical machines. So they'll expect the same in VDI. What should you do if you're in IT?

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure & App Layering Transform End User Computing

Posted by TJ Racherla on Nov 19, 2015

By themselves, application layering and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) are game-changers for IT organizations. Put them together, and they completely transform how Windows desktops and applications can be delivered in the new mobile enterprise. That's never been more evident than in the last 2 weeks, with Unidesk and our HCI partners Nutanix and Gridstore making news for modernizing customers' end user computing environments, while reducing costs.

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Microsoft Office Customization Tool in VDI

Posted by Jeff Pitsch on Oct 30, 2015

With app delivery and patch management for on-premises and cloud environments simplified through innovations like Unidesk, which enables Windows apps such as Microsoft Office to be packaged once and delivered anywhere as a virtual disk "layer," admins may forget that other secondary tools are still needed. A prime example is the Office Customization Tool (OCT).

Now you may be asking, "why would I care about customizing my Office installation?" If you have deployed non-persistent desktops in a VDI environment, you need to have some way of creating the mail profile for the end users. Group Policy won’t or can’t do everything. Maybe you don’t even have rights to set your own GPOs. This where the Office Customization Tool, available with the volume license edition of Microsoft Office, comes in handy.

The OCT allows you to create Outlook profiles so the user doesn’t get prompted for Exchange information. It can set default user settings for Office. It can assign certificates. Probably the best feature, in my opinion, is the ability to automatically create a mail profile. This can prevent mistakes from end users which, in the end, prevents calls to the help desk.

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VDI With Hyper-V Gets Easier And Better

Posted by TJ Racherla on Aug 20, 2015

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has traditionally been more costly to implement than buying new PCs, preventing organizations from taking advantage of the mobility, security, and productivity advantages.

Microsoft VDI on Hyper-V is half the cost of VMware, making virtual desktops even cheaper than PC refresh. But many think Hyper-V still lags behind VMware technically. As the EBook, 7 Reasons Why VDI with Hyper-V and RDS is Poised for Takeoff explains, that's no longer the case. Here are two more examples from our Technical Blog explaining why Hyper-V may actually be surpassing VMware vSphere when it comes to hosting virtual desktop workloads.

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Think You’ve Hit The Utopia Of Virtualized Healthcare? 5 Reasons Why You Haven’t

Posted by TJ Racherla on Aug 13, 2015

If you liked “4 Hour Workweek”, You’ll Love Unidesk!

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Health Network Labs Webinar Recap: "Best-of-Breed" VDI Works Best

Posted by TJ Racherla on Jun 19, 2015

We recently hosted a webinar featuring Health Network Labs, a laboratory diagnostic testing leader that implemented VDI as part of a data center refresh. Harvey Guindi, CIO at HNL, together with Eric Rounds, Security and Tech Officer, shared how a multi-vendor technology stack - with Unidesk for efficient desktop and application management, EMC XtremIO for super-fast flash storage, Imprivata for easy authentication and SSO, and Citrix XenDesktop for high-performance connectivity - has produced stellar results.

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VDI Cheaper Than PCs

Posted by Tom Rose on Apr 1, 2015

This is part one of a two part post comparing VDI and physical PC costs. Read part two here.

Almost everyone agrees that virtual desktops are better desktops. What's held VDI back is that it costs more than buying new PCs. If someone could finally deliver a Windows virtual machine that is cheaper "all-in" than a PC, the last barrier to adoption would fall, and the entire business world would flock to VDI.

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InfoWorld: Customers "Vault VDI Hurdles" with Unidesk

Posted by Tom Rose on Jan 20, 2015

InfoWorld just issued its Winter 2015 Digital Spotlight focused entirely on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The 20-page supplement, "Solving the VDI Equation," includes commentary and lessons learned from real-world deployments. In the article "Vaulting VDI Hurdles," IT managers at Unidesk customers USF Health and William Woods University explain how layering technology has helped them achieve success. Here's an excerpt:

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6 End User Computing Predictions for 2015

Posted by Tom Rose on Dec 30, 2014

2014 was a year of significant change in the End User Computing market. What will 2015 bring? Storage, the hybrid cloud, Hyper-V, virtual desktop management tools, vendor consolidation, and more will all have an impact in the New Year. Here is what we see happening!

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The 12 Days of VDI Christmas (from Unidesk)

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Dec 23, 2014

In the spirit of the holidays, we thought we'd do a fun parody on a well-known Christmas carol. From all of us at Unidesk, a very Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you! And now, we give you the 12 days of VDI Christmas, from Unidesk.

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The History of VDI

Posted by Tom Rose on Nov 18, 2014

The history of VDI has been rocky at best. About this time every year, the running joke is that 20XX will be "The Year of VDI" (just look at past predictions from 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013). However, in 2014 VDI has started to become mainstream and 2015 will be the year of VDI... I think. This post isn't about the future though. This post analyzes the 4 different "eras" of VDI, the challenges VDI had in each era, and why in the current era VDI will go mainstream.

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