Additional Testing on Microsoft User Experience - Virtualization Beta 2

Posted by Jeff Pitsch on Sep 6, 2012

A couple of months or so ago, Microsoft came out with their User Experience – Virtualization Beta 2. Once again I tested this in a Unidesk environment. Here are some observations and thoughts.

settingspackagesThe first thing is B2 requires a clean install of everything. Unidesk makes this really easy with our layering technology. Simply create a new layer for the B2 agent and generator and then push those out while removing the old versions from your test machines. Could it be any easier than that? No need to recreate your vm’s, no need to uninstall the old version and possibly leave behind remnants that could hinder your testing. You will also want to clean out the SettingsPackages folder as well. This is a hidden folder where all the package settings are held. It is located, by default, in the home directory of the user if you specified a home directory in Active Directory.

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