Unidesk On the Road with VMware Showcasing Layering for Horizon 6

Posted by Tom Rose on May 8, 2014

Unidesk just finished co-sponsoring VMware TechTalk Live, a series of free seminars throughout North America that gave customers a closer look at VMware Horizon 6 and complimentary solutions from partners like Unidesk.

We brought our desktop layering technology on the road to Austin, Hartford, Indianapolis, and San Francisco to show how Unidesk radically simplifies image management and application delivery for VMware Horizon View.  Even better, we brought our customers on stage with us to share their desktop virtualization success stories and demonstrate how Unidesk and VMware together are changing the world of end user computing. 

In this picture taken in Hartford, Kevin Laroche from University of New Haven explains how they have used Unidesk to provision 300+ virtual desktops for classrooms and labs using 1 Windows OS layer and a mix of 30+ different application layers, including previously hard-to-virtualize apps like IBM SPSS, Matlab, and SolidWorks.

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Persistent Desktops: How One College Deployed VDI for Staff First

Posted by Tom Rose on Mar 10, 2014

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is growing rapidly in higher education. Most colleges and universities start by replacing their physical lab PCs with non-persistent virtual desktops.  In the early days of VDI in education, this made the most sense:

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Three Leading Law Firms Virtualize Desktops - The IT Perspective

Posted by Tom Rose on Jul 25, 2013

Yesterday, I talked about how Unidesk and VDI are helping the attorneys and staff at three leading law firms be more productive. And, how the IT teams at Bernstein Shur, Miller Johnson, and Procopio are visionaries for recognizing the end user benefits of virtual desktops compared to physical PCs.

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Three Leading Law Firms Virtualize Desktops - The End User Perspective

Posted by Tom Rose on Jul 24, 2013

One thing that’s great about being in high tech is you get to work with customers who are visionaries. Take Monday’s announcement, for example, that three of our legal customers have replaced their physical PCs with virtual desktops firm-wide. If you’re in IT, you know that selling this to their end users couldn't have been easy - at least not at first. People can become very set in their ways.

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Unidesk Fueling VDI Success in Germany

Posted by Tom Rose on Jun 5, 2013

We recently announced that The Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim (ATB) - one of Germany’s top federally funded science and engineering research institutions - is replacing all of its PCs with Unidesk virtual desktops accessed by VMware View. ATB wanted to make its desktops more secure, respond faster to researchers’ needs for different apps, and achieve a single, simpler point of desktop administration for its small IT staff. Unidesk was the answer.

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Long-Time Citrix Partner MTM Now Offering Unidesk for VDI Management

Posted by Tom Rose on May 21, 2013

Today as Citrix Synergy 2013 kicks into full gear, we announced that MTM Technologies is a Unidesk Certified Solution Partner (UCSP), and is now offering the Unidesk virtual desktop management platform to its customers.

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California DWR Implements 3,000 Unidesk Desktops Accessed by VMware Horizon View

Posted by Tom Rose on Apr 18, 2013

Today we announced that California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is building an internal Desktops-As-A-Service (DaaS) platform for its 3,000+ users on Unidesk and VMware Horizon View. The term DaaS is typically used to describe desktops that organizations "rent" from an external cloud service provider. Yet in this case, DWR uses DaaS to describe the desktops they are delivering from their internal private cloud (i.e. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI).

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Unidesk’s view on VMware Horizon View and Horizon Mirage

Posted by Tom Rose on Mar 11, 2013

VMware took the next step in its well-received End User Computing (EUC) strategy with the launch of Horizon Suite at Partner Exchange 2013. The suite bundles together three products - Horizon View, Horizon Mirage, and Horizon Workspace. With VMware positioning Mirage as layering technology, some have asked what this means for Unidesk. Here are the 3 reasons Unidesk continues to be essential for VMware Horizon View success:

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Ron Oglesby and Ruben Spruijt Talk VDI, Unidesk 2.0, and Wanova Mirage at VMworld 2012

Posted by Tom Rose on Sep 6, 2012

We blogged about our second annual Unidesk customer dinner yesterday. Our final blog from VMworld 2012 features desktop virtualization industry expert Ruben Spruijt from leading IT Solutions specialist PQR interviewing Unidesk Chief Solution Architect Ron Oglesby on the show floor. Watch as Ron and Ruben discuss:

    • What Unidesk is
    • What makes Unidesk desktop layering unique
    • Why the launch of Unidesk 2.0 is being received with so much excitement

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Unidesk 2.0 Launches at VMworld 2012!

Posted by Tom Rose on Aug 22, 2012

The news is out - Unidesk® 2.0 will be launched next week at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco! The only way to bring full desktop layering to Citrix XenDesktop® and VMware View™ is about to get even better. More fault tolerant. Faster. More storage flexibility. Easier to install and configure. Read our press release for details and customer reactions.

For those of you who are new to Unidesk, our desktop layering technology for VDI is being used by hundreds of View and XenDesktop customers to:

  • Simplify app packaging and delivery (replacing ThinApp and App-V app virtualization)
  • Minimize gold image sprawl caused by diverse pool and desktop configurations (replacing View Composer and Citrix Provisioning Server)
  • Create storage-efficient persistent desktops that finally sustain user-installed apps (replacing Linked Clones and profile management).
  • Manage virtual desktops with a complete, unified solution, rather than 5-7 different consoles.

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Unidesk Extends VMware View 5.1, Welcomes More Joint Customers

Posted by Tom Rose on May 3, 2012

Unidesk was asked by VMware to participate in their big End User Computing (EUC) launch this week, and we were happy to oblige! Unidesk is a perfect fit for VMware’s 3 EUC Platform Pillars: Simplify, Manage, Connect, and we’re the ideal VMware View™ partner for Phase 1 of the EUC Customer Journey – “Improve What You Have Now.” Windows will be around a long time, and the opportunity to optimize and better secure this environment is huge. Through desktop virtualization (VMware View and Unidesk), organizations can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with Windows PCs and Apps and reinvest the savings towards innovation.

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VDI for SMB Requires Simplicity AND Flexibility

Posted by Tom Rose on Mar 12, 2012

This blog post was originally published on VMware's End-User Computing Blog as a guest blog by Tom Rose, Chief Marketing Officer, Unidesk.

Many are under the mistaken impression that Small and Mid-Sized Businesses have simple desktop use cases. And that SMBs can succeed with a simple, but limited, VDI solution. While that may be true for some, it’s definitely not true for most. Unidesk and VMware have been partnering to deliver desktop virtualization solutions for many SMBs, and this is what we hear:

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"VDI in Education" Webinars Showcase Desktop Virtualization Successes at Colleges and Universities

Posted by Tom Rose on Oct 27, 2011

We just aired the third and final webinar in our Fall 2011 "VDI in Education" webinar series, highlighting desktop virtualization deployments at University of Connecticut, Southwestern Michigan College, and William Woods University. Over 600 people registered to hear the VDI project leads at these schools talk about their technology choices, lessons learned, and benefits realized. That 600+ registered proves VDI is hot in higher ed. But it also shows colleges and universities are searching for true VDI success stories, and want to hear about real implementations from their peers before they get too deep into their projects. Well, if you missed the live events, full replays of all three are available on-demand here.

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Thanks to Our VDI Customers for an Awesome VMworld!

Posted by Tom Rose on Sep 6, 2011

Re-learned a rookie lesson on the way home from VMworld 2011 Las Vegas: don’t take a nap before getting on a red-eye - you won’t sleep on the plane. But it did give me the chance to blog Unidesk’s experience and thank 10 of our customers for helping staff our booth!

This was our second year sponsoring VMworld. Last year at VMworld 2010, we had just released Unidesk 1.0, and many IT organizations were still running small VDI pilots, provisioning full clones, and managing their virtual desktops like physical PCs. The handful of larger deployments were focused on task workers, where only a few apps were needed, and any desktop customizations could be discarded. So back then, we found ourselves spending a lot of time educating attendees on why Unidesk is needed as the management platform for VMware View.

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VDI Right on the Money

Posted by Andrew Nadeau on Jun 9, 2011

This blog post was also published on VMware's End User Computing Blog.

Guest Blog Post (Part 1 of a 3 part series)
Raechelle Clemmons, CIO, Menlo College

So how much did your VDI implementation cost, anyway?”

A lot of people mumble incoherently and look at the floor when asked this basic question. Not us. Here at Menlo College we are well into the rollout of our new virtual desktops based on VMware View brokering software and Unidesk virtual desktop management software, and know *exactly* what it’s costing (actually saving!) us.

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Unidesk and VMware - Perfect Complements? You Decide...

Posted by Andrew Nadeau on May 31, 2011

So often at Unidesk, we hear questions like “Do you integrate with VMware View or do you replace View?”, “Do you work with VMware ThinApp?”, "Do I still need Linked Clones", and “Isn’t Unidesk supposed to alleviate the need for ThinApp altogether?”

Read our VMware View Unidesk FAQ, which explains how Unidesk integrates with View the broker, and replaces the various management components of View (Composer, Linked Clones, ThinApp, Persona) so you can extend VDI to more users and greatly simplify desktop provisioning, patching, app delivery, and break/fix. Or, watch these two new videos from Unidesk Chief Solution Architect Ron Oglesby to see for yourself.

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Customer perspective: why understanding use cases is so important in VDI

Posted by Tom Rose on Mar 8, 2011

Raechelle Clemmons, CIO at Unidesk customer Menlo College, just published a new blog titled "Virtual Desktops: Persistent, Non-Persistent, or…Both?" where she did a great job explaining why an analysis of use cases should be Step #1 in VDI design.

Menlo College is using the combination of VMware View and Unidesk to deploy a mix of persistent desktops (desktops that keep all user customizations through logouts,

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Unidesk and VMware enable Ohio DODD to virtualize 1,500 desktops for all workers and all use cases

Posted by Tom Rose on Mar 3, 2011

This week we announced that the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) is virtualizing its 1,500 desktops with Unidesk, VMware View, and VMware vSphere. While 1,500 desktops is a good-sized VDI deployment, that's not what caught the attention of eWEEK, who ran a nice story on the news. It's that 1,500 desktops represents just about all of the workers at the agency, and all use cases.

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Unidesk and VMware Team Up on VDI Promo for Education Customers

Posted by Tom Rose on Jan 27, 2011

If you're a college or university, and you've been struggling with how to give faculty and staff virtual desktops they'll readily accept, VMware and Unidesk have the answer. Yesterday we announced a promotional program that gives education customers a significant discount on Unidesk licenses when purchased with VMware View Premier or View Enterprise academic SKUs. If you're going with a VMware View Premier Campus-Wide Agreement or Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA), you're eligible for an even bigger Unidesk discount.

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