How to transition VDI management to Tier 1 IT staff

Posted by Tom Rose on Nov 6, 2014

This blog is an excerpt from the Unidesk eBook Ten Quick Tips for Scaling VMware Horizon View.

Virtual desktop deployments are often managed, at first, by the same Tier 2 or 3 IT staff members who designed and implemented VDI. However, keeping day-to-day management in the hands of server and network administrators or outside consultants is not scalable. Not only will you be paying more to manage virtual desktops than physical PCs (tossing ROI out the window in the process), but you will also lose valuable IT resources from forward-facing, strategic IT projects. If you transition VDI to the same Tier 1 staff who managed your PCs, you'll be able to scale your VDI deployment at a lower cost.

How to Do It

New technologies are enabling VDI to deliver on its #1 business driver: operational efficiency.

Unified VDI Management.

Desktop Layering

For many years, administrators could rely on desktop management software to help reduce the costs of managing distributed PCs (Gartner calls this category of software "PC Configuration Lifecycle Management"). Unidesk is the first comprehensive desktop management software designed specifically for VDI. With Unidesk layering technology, the need for separate desktop provisioning, cloning, application virtualization, image management, profile management, and user virtualization point tools goes away. All‐inclusive virtual desktop management capabilities are delivered in a single, easy-to-use interface that can be quickly mastered by Tier 1 desktop administrators.

Converged Infrastructure


New converged infrastructure solutions from vendors such as Nutanix consolidate the compute (server) tier and the storage tier into a single, integrated appliance. By integrating high-performance server resources with enterprise-class storage in a cost-effective, slim appliance, the need for network-based storage architectures such as SAN and NAS is eliminated. Modular, building-block designs enables organizations to start with small deployments and grow incrementally into very large cluster installations.

Customer Example!

San Mateo County in California is using both Unidesk and Nutanix to enable management by Tier 1 IT staff. Read the case study to learn how Nutanix and Unidesk are enabling San Mateo County's information systems department to charge other departments less for virtual desktops than they charge for PCs.

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Posted by Tom Rose on Nov 6, 2014

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