Unidesk 3.0 Brings Simplicity and Scalability to Microsoft VDI

Posted by Tom Rose on Mar 10, 2015

Our mission at Unidesk has always been to bring a new era of simplicty to the management of Windows desktops and applications. Since day one we designed our layering innovation for virtual infrastructure because we believed it held the greatest potential for IT transformation. And we've been successful, with 1,000 customers choosing Unidesk to simplify the deployment and management of on-premise VDI in VMware-based private clouds.

Today, with the help of Microsoft, we take the next step in establishing Unidesk as the new standard in open desktop and application management for the cloud. With the official announcement of Unidesk 3.0, we are extending the Windows Server and Hyper-V platform to provide more efficient, scalable management of the Microsoft VDI experience, giving customers exciting new options for overcoming VDI cost, complexity and application delivery hurdles.

Microsoft VDI + Unidesk 3.0
Microsoft VDI + Unidesk 3.0

What's New in Unidesk 3.0

As the pioneer in layering technology, Unidesk enables Windows operating systems, applications and personalization to be delivered and managed from a central installation point as modular virtual disks. This singular ability to virtualize everything above the hypervisor enables a truly Imageless Desktop™, where you're only ever delivering and updating Windows and applications once, no matter how many VMs you have.

Here's a quick summary of what Unidesk 3.0 brings to VDI on Hyper-V:

  • Application layering: Deliver applications to any number of desktops from a single installation point as shared, read-only virtual disks (VHDs); layered applications look and feel as if they are locally installed for full interoperability.
  • Windows OS layering: Capture Windows operating systems as read-only virtual disks that can be assigned to all VMs as a base OS layer; eliminates image sprawl for simple, efficient patching and compliance.
  • Desktop provisioning: Create custom persistent (personal) and non-persistent (pooled) virtual desktops on Hyper-V quickly and easily using the same OS and application layer building blocks.
  • Persistent personalization: Overcome VDI acceptance issues with Personalization layers -- writable virtual disks that capture all settings, data, plug-ins, and user-installed applications.
  • Storage optimization: Reduce space requirements and the total cost of VDI by sharing the same OS and application layer virtual disks across multiple VMs.
  • Microsoft RDS integration: Create and manage RDS collections directly, eliminating the need to write PowerShell scripts to scale RDS. Provision, patch, and update thousands of desktops by user, desktop, collection, or Active Directory attribute.
  • Citrix XenDesktop integration: Provision desktops into XenDesktop catalogs and groups to bring all of the benefits of Unidesk layering to Citrix XenDesktop deployments on Hyper-V.

What the Industry is Saying

Unidesk Solution Partners and Unidesk Technology Partners are expressing strong support for our new release. Andrew Conway, Microsoft's Senior Director of Enterprise Mobility sums up why.

“Unidesk’s innovative layering technology for Microsoft VDI takes the delivery and the management of virtualized Windows desktops and applications to a new level. We are excited to welcome Unidesk to our partner ecosystem as they bring great new capabilities to businesses of all sizes that are deploying remote desktops and apps.”

What This Means for Customers

What does Unidesk layering innovation for Microsoft VDI mean for our most important audience - our customers?

  • The end to gold image sprawl. Layering provides trues patch-once efficiency, no matter how many different application configurations you have.
  • The end to application virtualization issues. Layering enables simple, modular delivery of any app, with the interoperability of a local install.
  • The end to the tradeoff between IT simplicity and a great user experience. Layering eliminates the need for 6 different consoles that can only be mastered by your most senior IT staff.

What's Next

As our CEO Don Bulens hinted at in the press release, this is just the first of more exciting announcements to come:

“This release marks a major milestone for our company as we significantly expand our market reach. We’ve taken another significant step in establishing our technology as an open management solution for managing desktops and applications in private, public, and hybrid clouds. The work we have done to support Hyper-V will pave the way for more exciting announcements in the coming months.”

So stay tuned. In the meantime, give Unidesk 3.0 a try. And experience how the combination of Microsoft VDI and Unidesk take VDI to new levels of simplicity, scalability, flexibility, and value.

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Posted by Tom Rose on Mar 10, 2015

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