Unidesk for Hyper-V Feature: Management of RDS Collections

Posted by Ron Oglesby on Feb 5, 2015

microsoftstack_01Over the next few weeks leading up to our official general availabiity announcement of Unidesk 3.0 for Hyper-V, I'm going to be posting videos that demonstrate different Unidesk features. Today's video is how Unidesk brings simplicity and scalability to the management of Microsoft RDS collections and desktops.

See how Unidesk enables you to:

  • Create and modify RDS collections through point and click.
  • Search for desktops by user, applications, or Active Directory attributes.
  • Manage thousands of personal and pooled desktops from the same interface.
  • Patch Windows and update applications once for entire collections.
  • Train anyone to use one simple, intuitive GUI instead of having to write PowerShell to manage RDS at scale.

Check out our free download to see how easy Unidesk for Hyper-V makes RDS collection and desktop management. Then let me know what you think.

Topics: RDS, Hyper-V

Posted by Ron Oglesby on Feb 5, 2015

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