Unidesk Support for Microsoft VDI and Hyper-V in the News

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Mar 17, 2015

The biggest news in end user computing last week was that Unidesk 3.0 is now available for Microsoft VDI and Hyper-V! TechTarget, InfoWorld, The Register, OnWindows, Channelnomics, Network World, CRNtv, Infotech Lead, Virtual Strategy Magazine and others ran stories on how Unidesk layering innovation brings simplicity and scalability to the Microsoft VDI platform. We summarize some of the news coverage aimed at IT in this blog. My next post will highlight some of the channel publication coverage.


TechTarget: Unidesk adds Hyper-V support, bolsters Microsoft VDI

Unidesk 3.0 includes support for Microsoft VDI, giving some VMware Horizon users reason to consider a move to Hyper-V.

The features in the new version were logical steps for Unidesk, said Mark Lockwood, research director for end-user computing with Gartner Inc., an analysis firm in Stamford, Conn.

"[Unidesk] didn't just sell to VMware customers," Lockwood said. "I do believe going to the next highest-rated hypervisor in the market is the right move for them to diversify."

Unidesk isn't out of the game for VMware VDI clients, because it offers a more mature tool set than App Volumes, Lockwood said.

However, Unidesk adding the support for Hyper-V could be a significant step for companies interested in Microsoft VDI. Instead of relying on tools from VMware or Citrix, Microsoft could refer customers with deployments larger than approximately 100 seats to look at Unidesk for application layering.


The Register: Unidesk jumps into Hyper-V VDI

Unidesk and Redmond's re-arranged licences look to be making VDI more attractive.

Unidesk is a company that's well-regarded in desktop virtualisation (VDI) circles because its layering and one-virtual-disk-for-many-guest-desktops technologies do some nice things like allowing one golden master of a virtual desktop and then delivering custom combinations of apps to individual users.


InfoWorld: VDI on Hyper-V gets easier

Two major VDI bottlenecks have held back VDI adoption but third parties are helping clear the way.

One vendor addressing the "mass events" issue around application delivery is Unidesk, which offers application layering and Windows OS layering (which help address the patching issue).

Microsoft is actively promoting such third-party products. That shows the right spirit within Microsoft and an understanding that it needs an ecosystem to support and add features to its base offering. After all, it's impossible to build it all and focus on every pain point. More partners will be needed to make VDI as easy as it should be.


OnWindows: Unidesk 3.0 helps extend Windows Server and Hyper-V platforms

Unidesk, a provider of desktop and application management software for the cloud, has made available its Unidesk 3.0 layering technology.

With complexity and application delivery among the biggest issues faced by companies looking to deploy VDI, Unidesk 3.0 offers a solution to meet the challenges that are posed.

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Posted by Jordan Murphy on Mar 17, 2015

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