How to market VDI to increase end-user adoption

Posted by Tom Rose on Oct 20, 2014

This blog is an excerpt from the Unidesk eBook Ten Quick Tips for Scaling VMware Horizon View.

If you don't put your marketing hat on and sell VDI to your end users, you will likely encounter resistance that can torpedo your project. Savvy IT organizations are no longer mandating virtual desktop adoption. Rather than demanding acceptance, they are employing new methods to build consensus for VDI and gain end user buy-in.

Proven Techniques

  • Charge Less for VDI Than Physical PCs. The information systems department at San Mateo County in California is a net zero cost business unit. It recovers its costs by charging other departments a fee for each desktop. With Unidesk for virtual desktop management, VMware Horizon View for desktop connectivity, and Nutanix for converged infrastructure, the county is able to charge a lower price for VDI than it could for physical PCs.
  • Market VDI with User‐Friendly Terms. Fresno County Office of Education in California learned that the term "virtual desktop" scared some of its end users. So the IT team began marketing its Unidesk and VMware Horizon View deployment as "Remote Desktops." Vigo County Government in Indiana avoids using "virtual desktop" for the same reason. It simply tells users "here's your new PC" whenever a physical desktop reaches end-of-life. The new "PC" is really a zero client connected to a virtual desktop, along with a newer, bigger flat-screen display. VMware Horizon View is needed to authenticate users and broker their desktop connections, but the IT team just tells the users it's a "new way of logging in." Read the case study on Vigo County to learn more.
  • Educate Users on New Desktop Services They Can Only Get with VDI. Before Bernstein Shur started implementing VDI, the IT team gave demonstrations to the law firm's attorneys. They showed how virtual desktops would save their sessions, let them resume working from any device at the office, home, courts, or appointments, and give them 24x7 access to legal applications. For attorneys who are under pressure to maximize billable hours and respond quickly to clients, this was music to their ears. Read the case study and watch the webinar to learn more about Bernstein Shur's VMware Horizon View deployment.
  • Fresno County Office of Education (FCOE) told its end users that Microsoft Lync and other software they wanted could only be obtained through new "Remote Desktops." The IT team also sold desktop backup, which wasn't possible with its physical PC's, as a new service only available with Remote Desktops. As FCOE explains in this recorded webinar, users were so happy they could get their files back they offered to buy the IT team lunch.
  • Arm Influencers with "Cool" Mobile Devices So They Sell VDI For You. When Egan Construction of Minneapolis began its VMware Horizon View rollout, the IT team provided Android tablets, Apple iPads and Google Chromebooks to the opinion leaders in each department, and encouraged them to walk around and show their co-workers how they could access their desktops and key applications such as Microsoft Project and AutoCAD from the office or the field. It wasn't long before everyone wanted a mobile device and a virtual desktop. Read about Egan's VDI deployment or see a live demo of their environment in the on-demand webinar.

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Posted by Tom Rose on Oct 20, 2014

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