VMware Buys CloudVolumes - We're Still Friends

Posted by Don Bulens on Aug 27, 2014

VMware has acquired CloudVolumes and its "Above the OS" layering technology to offer real-time delivery of Windows applications across its end user computing, software-defined datacenter and hybrid cloud businesses. Since Unidesk is the inventor of desktop layering and the market leader with 800 customers, most using VMware Horizon View, some will wonder what this means for our VMware relationship. Unidesk will continue to add extraordinary value and happiness to organizations deploying Horizon View.  And, we will continue to be a committed VMware partner.

How can this be, when CloudVolumes does the same "layering stuff" as Unidesk?  As our Chief Solution Architect Ron Oglesby explains in his blog "Is CloudVolumes an Alternative to Unidesk Layering?", there is a lot to this layering stuff. Our technologies and capabilities are not the same.

The #1 goal of desktop virtualization is to simplify Windows management. Unidesk's end-to-end VDI management software enables lean IT organizations to avoid the extraordinary cost and complexity of using multiple tools to deploy and manage Windows virtual desktops. We are unique in our ability to simplify Windows management and VDI, helping VMware accelerate and expand Horizon View opportunities. VMware recognizes this. That's why we will continue to be friends.

You Shouldn’t Have to Be an Expert to Manage Windows

Unidesk was founded almost 7 years ago with the sole purpose of making Windows in the cloud easy to manage. Our all-in-one management approach was architected with a level of simplicity that is impossible to replicate without this singular focus.

With Unidesk, expensive consultants and overburdened Tier 2 and 3 IT administrators are not required to deploy, scale, and manage virtual desktops. Because of Unidesk's unmatched simplicity, lean IT organizations are having unprecedented success accelerating and scaling VDI with VMware Horizon View.  Our joint customers can provision custom desktops, patch Windows, deliver and update applicationsprovide persistent personalization, optimize VDI storage, and handle break/fix, all with one easy-to-use solution.

This is why we are having so much success with VMware in market segments where simplicity is essential to VDI success: state and local government, higher education, K-12 education, healthcare, and SMB, among others.

Layering Needs to be Simple, Flexible, and Reliable

Unidesk's layering approach is not to virtualize "above the OS," but to virtualize "above the hypervisor."  We are unique in our ability to layer the entire desktop - Windows OS, Applications, and Personalization.  Because our filesystem and registry virtualization technology is running as soon as Windows starts to boot, we can effortlessly deliver drivers, antivirus, and all the other applications that our customers need to run their businesses.

We have also invested heavily to ensure that our layering technology can merge files and registry keys in separate layers and resolve layer conflicts. Unidesk customers love how any app can be its own modular layer and how layers can be added to desktops in any combination to meet their users’ unique needs. They rest easy knowing that all the apps will just work as if they were locally installed. With all apps layered independent of Windows, the base OS layer can be kept clean and gold image sprawl is avoided, so IT only has to patch Windows once.

Simple. Flexible. Reliable. No limitations. That's what is required if layering is to fully solve the application delivery challenge in VDI. Unidesk has a proven ability to deliver on all of these requirements.

We Wake Up Every Day and Think Only About Customers’ VDI Success

Layering isn’t easy.  It took us several years to bring our patented technology to market.  It took another few years of field-testing and customer feedback to deliver the industry-leading capabilities that are now part of the Unidesk platform. Today, we have 800 customers, thousands of layers in production, and hundreds of thousands of desktops under management.  

But it's not just our technology that endears Unidesk to our customers. It is our relentless focus on their success. Nearly 25% of calls to our incredible Support team have nothing to do with Unidesk.  Why? Because customers know we’ll stop at nothing to fix their problem, even if it’s an issue with a thin client, broker, server, or storage.

While comparisons between CloudVolumes and Unidesk will be inevitable, Unidesk and VMware will remain focused on delighting our customers. Talk to one of the 30 Horizon View and Unidesk customers who are helping staff our booth at VMworld.  Register for a live 1-1 layering demo.  Take our software for a free spin. Have some fun trying to stump our Support team with VDI questions.  Then you’ll understand why Unidesk's technology and company-wide commitment to making Windows an easy-to-manage, easy-to-scale cloud utility is unlike anything else on the market.

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Posted by Don Bulens on Aug 27, 2014

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