VMware's most successful EUC customers use Unidesk

Posted by Andrew Nadeau on Apr 3, 2015

STV Menlo College Flushing BankVMware recently announced their new YouTube channel for End-User Computing (EUC) featuring product tutorials, customer testimonials, new product features, tech tips, recorded presentations, and more.

They launched the channel with several VMware Horizon customer testimonials and we're proud that three of the customers highlighted are using Unidesk to provision their VMs, package and deliver all applications, manage a single Windows OS layer across all desktops, and provide their users with full personalization.

The channel is really well done and I highly recommend that you check it out and subscribe to get their new updates.

Below are the videos for Unidesk/VMware customers STV (read Unidesk case study here), Menlo College (read Unidesk case study here), and Flushing Bank. Or check out many more Unidesk/VMware Horizon success stories here.

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Posted by Andrew Nadeau on Apr 3, 2015

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