VMworld Fun and Attendee Reactions to Unidesk VDI Layering Technology

Posted by Tom Rose on Sep 7, 2011

Yesterday, I blogged about our customers’ participation in the Unidesk booth at VMworld 2011, and the broad vendor ecosystem represented by their VDI implementations. But it wasn’t all work and no play. Come on, we were in Las Vegas, after all!

Tuesday night, we held our first customer appreciation dinner at Voodoo Steak, high atop the Rio hotel and casino.

first customer appreciation dinner

After enjoying the great view of The Strip from the restaurant, we went up to the roof for more photo ops.

VMworld Fun and Attendee Reactions to Unidesk VDI Layering Technology

And then an adventurous few of us found ourselves on the dance floor on the Rio’s roof deck. It’s true - you don’t ever really know someone until you see them bust a move to Rihanna, Beyonce, and Michael. But things really got interesting when… Wait, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Those of you who want the details will just have to become Unidesk customers in the next 12 months so you can hang with us at VMworld 2012 (although it sounds like we have a long way to go to match the Wyse and Veeam parties!).

I’ll wrap-up with a few of our favorite reactions from visitors to our booth - in their own words:

(Customer to Unidesk Founder Chris Midgley) “Thank you for inventing desktop layering. You’ve made my life much easier.

I tell everyone it’s not just about patching forward. It’s about patching back. We rollout Windows hot fixes and app updates in our VDI environment all the time that cause problems for some of our users, and we have no way of selectively pulling those patches back. Unidesk would give us the big Undo button.

Are you serious? 1 Windows gold for all my virtual desktops? Even if all the desktops are completely different? I don’t believe it.

We don’t want to give out admin rights to let users install their own apps, but it’s a necessary evil. At least with Unidesk, it’s manageable. If someone breaks their desktop, our support staff can just roll back the Personalization layer to the last snapshot before the desktop was corrupted.

How much did you pay your customers to say all those great things about you?” (Note: no money exchanged hands, unless you count my money and the Black Jack dealer’s hands)

We’ve rolled out 3,000 virtual desktops with View and clones, but we haven’t been able to re-compose them because our engineers have installed their own apps, and the apps would all get lost. Redo logs are up to 70% of our storage footprint and rising. And we have to keep using Microsoft System Center to patch each VM one at a time, so we’re getting the usual patch failures and Level 2/3 escalations. We’d like to test Unidesk.

I’ve already thanked our customers for helping us tell the Unidesk story. But I also want to thank the Unidesk team for their hard work in VMworld booth prep, staffing, announcements, and scheduling – Chad, Meghan, Chris, Amy, Ron, Don, Brian, Kate, Andrew, and Betsy, we couldn’t have done it without all of your combined efforts.

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Posted by Tom Rose on Sep 7, 2011

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