Webinar: A Year In The Life With VDI At North Bend Medical Center

Posted by TJ Racherla on Sep 8, 2015

Our previous blog highlighted our customer webinar featuring Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The CTO office did an amazing job explaining how they are scaling to 3,000 desktops. And they invited end users on to share their perspectives on what VDI has meant to them and their work productivity. We’re thrilled to be back with yet another customer success story for you – only this time, we’re telling North Bend Medical Center's story in retrospect!

Have you ever wondered, “Great, we got there, we’ve finally deployed virtual desktops! What now?” Most VDI stories begin with IT protagonists, who are losing sleep over traditional desktop issues and are faced with budget, space and time considerations. Yet they're afraid to move away from legacy infrastructure. Then they stumble upon VDI and innovative technologies that make desktop and app virtualization seem rather easy and they’re no longer as afraid to implement change.

But that's only part of the story. What happens after their brave move to VDI? Are they still carrying the weight of the project? Are they able to transform end user computing and satisfy key stakeholders? Did VDI scale as planned? We've got the answers for you in our next customer webinar featuring North Bend Medical Center.

VDI webinar NBMCNorth Bend Medical Center is a progressive healthcare organization that shared with us almost a year ago their views on VDI and how they can leverage desktop and application virtualization solutions from Unidesk, Nimble Storage, Imprivata, and VMware to redefine the way their care providers serve patients and the way IT serves the providers.

Now they’re back after a whole year with plenty of lessons learned, and answers to questions about end user acceptance of VDI, experience with innovative storage and layering technologies, and overall impact of VDI on their organization.

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In this webinar reflecting upon a year in the life with VDI, NBMC will tell us:

  • Whether Single Sign On has enhanced care provider access to desktops, clinical apps, and patient information.
  • How Unidesk application layering has impacted the efficiency of Windows image management and EMR and non-clinical app delivery.
  • Whether flash-optimized storage has been able to meet IOPS needs as VDI has scaled.
  • What the user reaction has been to VDI and how user acceptance issues were handled.

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Posted by TJ Racherla on Sep 8, 2015

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