What is Unidesk Labs?

Posted by Ron Oglesby on Jun 9, 2016

Unidesk Labs is our new way of allowing early access to new features before they are generally available. See, Unidesk is an Agile Development shop. Our engineers develop new features and functionality in 2 week sprints, with a new release (code drop) about every 4 to 6 weeks. So instead of running development cycles that are several months long to get a large set of features all at once, we can release small sets of features and make them available for testing right away!

For example, the Unidesk 4 June 2016 release included several new features that were made available through Unidesk Labs, one of which was our real-time app delivery technology Elastic Layering. Enabling these features through our new Unidesk Labs Settings and Configuration dialogue box provides instant early access, without having to download and install a separate Beta or Tech Preview release!


This is how we'll be releasing a lot of new features in the coming months. Of course, not everything needs to go through this process. Some features or additions (like additionally supported client OSes or new connectors) will simply go straight to GA in a given code drop. But others are so important that we want you to have a chance to try them early! So here's the path those important features will follow:

  1. Coded by Unidesk Engineers with some basic feature/functionality testing
  2. Added to Unidesk Labs in a GA code drop for early customer access
  3. Finish QA testing inside Unidesk (and now tested by Unidesk customers)
  4. Rolled into the next GA code drop and REPLACED BY THE NEXT UNIDESK LABS FEATURES!

That’s right. This is now a rolling process where you will be able to get early access to new features in the GA product. If you don’t want/need the features? No problem, just don't enable them and nothing changes. But if you have been dying to try a new feature right now, just turn it on! And if there is a problem or issue with it, give us a call. We want to know about it and fix it!

We hope you benefit from this new Unidesk Labs early access process, which is how a lot of SaaS and cloud software is now delivered. As always, we are grateful for your support and feedback!

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Posted by Ron Oglesby on Jun 9, 2016

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