Why North Bend Medical Center Implemented VDI

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Sep 30, 2014

Last week 426 of you registered to hear our most recent VDI customer success webinar with North Bend Medical Center sponsored by Imprivata, Nimble Storage, and Unidesk.  Doug McLeod, CTO, and Joshua Rabe, Systems Architect, shared their experience implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and explained why VDI is now such a strategic part of North Bend Medical's healthcare initiative.


Here's what they were hoping to achieve with virtual desktops.

Better User Experience for Care Providers

While meaningful use and HIPAA compliance were certainly considerations, North Bend Medical was really looking to offer a better end user experience for its care providers.

As Joshua explains in the webinar excerpt below, virtual desktops accessed through zero clients have less that can go wrong than physical PCs. No local power supply, fan, disk, or memory failures means less dowtime for care providers and more time spent on patient care.

The ability to logon to a highly personalized virtual desktop from any zero client or BYOD device ensures providers and staff can access patient information anytime, anywhere.

The ability to "badge in" with a swipe of a card and have immediate access to any clinical application through Single Sign On (SSO) saves hours every day.


Easier Desktop Management for IT

IT efficiency was the other big reason for implementing virtual desktops at North Bend Medical. With the IT department serving 5 different clinics in addition to the main campus, Doug and Joshua wanted to reduce the amount of hardware that could fail.  Less time spent on break/fix would mean more time working on strategic IT projects that could enhance the quality of healthcare.

Being able to centrally patch and update Windows, Allscripts EMR, and many other clinical applications on-demand and independent of each other would also save the IT organization time that could be better spent improving service for providers and staff.

Doug's and Joshua's message certainly resonated with the audience. We took a poll 15 minutes into the webinar asking, "What are your key business drivers for VDI?" Respondents could choose more than one answer, but the clear frontrunner was simpler desktop management:

  • Simpler desktop management for IT - 85%
  • Faster applicaiton delivery - 57%
  • Security and patient privacy - 53%
  • Physician mobility - 48%
  • Meaningful use - 23%

In all, Doug and Joshua answered more than 30 audience questions on a wide range of technical and business topics - selling VDI internally; ensuring end user adoption; printing; EMR; IOPS; anti-virus, how Imprivata, Nimble Storage, Unidesk, and VMware Horizon View work together, and much more.

Watch the North Bend Medical VDI webinar on-demand to hear their full story.

Topics: VMware Horizon View, Healthcare, Nimble Storage, Allscripts, Imprivata

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Sep 30, 2014

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