ZDNet: Alabama college picks Unidesk to manage VDI complexity

Posted by Jordan Murphy on Dec 22, 2014

zdnet-logoLast week's webinar and press release on the use of Citrix, Dell, and Unidesk technology at Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) caught the attention of severeal important IT news publications and virtualization thought leaders. Dan Kusnetzky, a well-known consultant and author of ZDNet's Virtually Speaking blog, wanted to know more about ACOM's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) project. So, he interviewed ACOM Infrastructure engineer Jonathan Hataway.

The full interview can be found in the ZDNet.com story "Alabama college picks Unidesk to manage VDI complexity." Here is the opening excerpt:

"I find it really useful to hear from people who have selected a product and are using it as part of their IT operations. These conversations often turn up information that is seldom part of a supplier's marketing messages. This time, Jonathan Hataway, infrastructure engineer at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM), took the time to answer my questions about why his organization selected tools from Unidesk. Thanks, Jonathan."

"ACOM saw VDI as a way to deliver applications and content to its students and faculty as well as a way to support BYOD activities and programs. VDI, however, imposes a great deal of complexity and the college looked for a way to manage all of the moving parts. It settled on Citrix XenDesktop as the VDI broker and management tools from Unidesk to deliver operating systems, applications and personalization to users."

Jonathan provided detailed answers to the following questions:

  • Please introduce yourself and your organization.
  • What were you doing that needed this type of technology?
  • What products did you consider before making a selection?
  • Why did you select this product?
  • What tangible benefits have you gotten through the use of this product?
  • What advice would you offer others facing similar challenges?

To see Jonathan's answers, read the full article at ZDNet.com or YAHOO! TECH.

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Posted by Jordan Murphy on Dec 22, 2014

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